"My name is Chris Amos... and I'm a chicken bouillon addict."

I guess it all started about three years ago. There was no food in the house, and I was really hungry, so I began rummaging through the pantry for something -- anything -- to eat.

Among the booty I found cake decorations, various seasoning salts, icings, and a half-empty jar of Wylers® chicken bouillon granules.

Now, being fond of chicken soup and the like, I took a peek at the label, and lo! Salt was one of the main ingreedients! I was already a salt addict, so this stuff should be pretty good.

Boy, was I tempted. I knew that I probably shouldn't, that men have been sent to the Happy Home for less, but I was really hungry, and in the mood for a briny delight. Besides, no one else was home...

I unscrewed the lid, the paranoia so great that I looked over my shoulder every two seconds, regradless of the fact that I was alone. I reached in with my forefinger and thumb, took out a pinch, and dropped the tiny golden nuggets down my gullet.

Man, was it tasty.

I've gone through four jars since that day. For a while it seemed as though I would never stop, and I didn't care.

But I'm ready to quit. It's not going to be easy, and I need your help.

Fellow bouilloneers, this is your chance to come out of the cupboards. No matter what your preference is -- chicken, beef, or vegetable; granulated, cubed, or homemade -- If we all stick together, share stories, and provide support for each other, we can all kick the habit and prolong our lives through the substanial elimination of sodium in our diets.

I know you're out there. Your problem will not go away by itself. You need us, and we need you.

Our forum will be a simple guestbook. Nothing fancy, but it will work just fine for our purposes.

Good luck... to all of us.

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