Ahh, nostalgia. Take a trip down memory lane and peruse the old rosters, pictures, and other things we used to have on the page. But be warned -- these things were retired for a reason.

The OSU Tubas Message Wall.
(2/2/98 - 11/11/98)
Resurrected: 1/17/99
Stake driven through heart: 11/13/2000

We don't want to talk about it.

Drum Talk with Phat Albert.
(9/6/98 - 6/13/2000)

The great adivce columns of the world usually recieve requests for said advice, no?

The section of 1998.
(8/9/98 - 9/9/99)

The third to last section of the millennium.

The Fan Page.
(6/6/98 - 1/5/99)

I think they died...

1997 Pictures.
(11/8/97 - 11/22/98)

Back in the days of witty captioning...

The "Feed the Bard" thing.
(2/2/98 - 8/24/98)

It was a quasi-good idea that never really took off, but we're quite fond of the picture.

The guys in the 1997 section.
(10/30/97 - 8/9/98)

Remember way back when we had Seth with us?

The conclusion to the "Date Bryant" contest..
(6/25/98 - 8/9/98)

Boy, did we drag this on for forever...

The big, stupid movie list.
(11/6/97 - 7/9/98)

Believe it or not, this was a really big deal. We worked on this for a week, and got help from anyone who happened to be unfortunate enough to enter the lounge while we were there.

The "Date Bryant" contest.
(10/30/97 - 6/23/98)

People actually did this. We can't believe it. It was an experiment, for sure, but it did relatively well. But it got really boring after a while...

The thing where we bragged about being the Iso-Topically Cool Site of the Day.
(12/17/97 - 6/16/98)

Who cares? They stopped giving these out, anyway.

The Tuba Player Identification thing.
(10/30/97 - 12/4/97)

We didn't make it up, so it had to go. (A lot of people liked it, though...)

The Beer Drinker's Troubleshooting Guide.
(10/30/97 - 12/4/97)

Again, we didn't make it up, so it was canned. We're real big on original content, so we don't like to just rehash stuff you may have seen somewhere else. (That's why you'll never see a list of tuba jokes on the page.)