Romanov Family Quiz

Take our quiz to see how much you know about the last Imperial family, then explore our pages to learn even more and find the answers!.

#1: The Romanov Dynasty rested on the health of Nicholas' only son Alexei because Nicholas was an only child and there would have been no other successor(s)

Answer= F

Answer= T

#2:Like tsars before him, Nicholas took a mistress (despite his genuine love for Alexandra:

Answer= T


#3:Tsarista Alexandra Fedorovna's God Parents were:

Answer= Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of England

Answer= Tsar Alexander III and Tsarista Marie Fedorovna of Russia

Answer= Louis XVI and Marie Antionette of France

#4:Because of his illness, the Tsarevitch had a nasty temper and was cruel to servants his pets:



#5:The Tsarevitch suffered from:

Answer= smallpox.

Answer= polio

Answer= hemophelia

#6: Nicholas II was known as ''Bloody Nicholas'' because:

Answer= He was a brutal Tsar and allowed no one to make mistakes in his presence.

Answer= bad press

Answer= He delivered his son while on a family retreat

Answer= He and his family were slaughtered by the Bolsheviks

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