Russian Fun Facts

Russia has a fascinating history. It's beautiful ancient churches and palaces lend themselves to this statement. I have found a wealth of resources about Russia and her leaders at the local library.

Did you know...

  • Using DNA testing, Anna Anderson was proved not to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia

  • Catherine the Great of Russia, was not Russian. She was born a (minor) German Princess, Princess Sophie

  • Moscow, the ancient capitol of Russia was 850 years old in 1998.

  • The last Romanov Tsar of Russia (for a few hours) was Michael Romanov in 1917, which was also the name of the first Romanov Tsar (No other Romanov Tsar was ever named Michael.)

  • Russians use a patriarchal name as a middle name. They take the first name of their father and add vich (son of) for boys, or ovna or evna (daughter of) for girls. Try it!!!