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Music Made Easy Part IV
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Remember when your conductor shouts "Sustain !!! Hold that Note !!!"  ?
Ties are curved lines placed above or below two or more notes of the same pitch to indicate that the tune is to be played (or sung)
continuously as one continuous tune  with the same pitch. Some people also call this as sustain or sustained note.
See example below.


Slurs are curved lines placed above or below a group of notes in (ascending and/or descending) succession
to indicate that they are to be played (or sung) as one continuous sound. It indicates that the notes are
bound together as one and played (or sung) as a single continuous sound. .

This is style of playing (or singing) is also called Legato ( from the Italian word "bound together").
See example below.


Staccato is a style of playing (or singing) where notes are literally played (or sung)  separately with abrupt cuts in between.
It is derived from the Italain word Staccato which means separated. See example below.

This is written by puting a dot on top of the note to be sung in Staccato.
See example below.

Here is an example using Slur, tie and Staccato:

The "ko"  in "A-ko"  is to be sung continuously pitch up and down and up again without resting .
The "iyong"  is to be sung as a single continuous sound in 2 and 1/2 beats without resting. Sustain it without breathing a single breath.
The "-kit nga ba gan-" is to be sung with abrupt cuts in between.

The song is just a simple melody I made as an example.

If you have any comment on above subject please write me.
Thanks to Monica for her great advice.

Rudy Ong

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