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Computerized Guitar Tuner
  (Now you don't have to buy a guitar tuner just to tune your guitar)
Standard Guitars are actually tuned to the following basic notes:
6th string - E on the bass staff
5th string - A on the bass staff
                              4th string - D on the space bellow the treble staff
 3rd string - G on the teble staff
  2nd string - B on the treble staff
 1st string  - E on the treble staff
(see figure bellow)
Tune your guitar now...
If you want to let your multi-media computer tune your guitar now,
simply click on the corresponding string of your guitar below:


Note: If it doesn't work. It means your computer cannot run MIDI files,
or your browser is not yet set-up to run MIDI files.
If you have any comments on the above subject please write me.
Rudy Ong


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