Willkommen in Deutschland

Germany is another country, in which I spent a good amount of time. From hanging with my friend Holger in Hannover to visiting the great beer-making capital of Munich, I got to see a diverse German population, that I actually could communicate with.

Now that germany has been reunified for 10 years, you can really see the difference, especially in Berlin, the nation's esteemed capital. It would probably be a bit harder to see the change in most small towns, but I did not get a chance to see many in the former DDR/GDR (German Democratic Republic), but I did get to see the quaintness of two small German towns in western Germany,the famed town of Hamelin and the town of Bodenwerder.

History abounds in Germany, from the middle ages through today, and you can see both the good and bad parts of the German contribution to Western Civilization. First let's start with the worst part of German history (and world history for that matter), by taking a look at Auschwitz, Poland. I think that they are pretty self-explanitory. Next, I'll take you a bit further north, as I ventured through Cologne. We continue on from there by wandering through Hamburg, the former capital of the Hanseatic League.

I hope that you enjoy your journey through Germany and the rest of my travels. To help navigate through the site, I have given you a selection of places to visit below. Enjoy!!!
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