Welcome to Great Britain!!!

Jolly Ho, Good Chap!!! And welcome to the Isle of Great Britain!!! Here you can enjoy your cup of tea with crumpets, or go sculling down the Themes and beat off your competition from those Oxford gents...Sounds Exciting, huh????

I had the fortunate luck of having a friend, who lived in England while I was travelling. My friend Tim lives outside of Cambridge in a town called Mildenhall. This was my base for our exploring adventures throughout the Isle, but mainly the Cambridge area. I went with Tim on several journeys on the weekends to the towns of Ely and Newmarket, and enjoyed eating Fish and Chips with one of my best friends.

After having a lovely time venturing through Ireland, I came back to England and before I shoved off the Island, Tim and I, plus his friend Mark, took a tour of Canterbury and Dover.

Enjoy your mini-journey through the British Isles, and please venture on to Ireland, Brussels, and the rest of Europe.