Type O Negative

Sorry for the fact that I haven't updated this page for a very long time! I see
the page has alot of visitors and I'll try to make it worth to be visited.
Right now I am looking forward to their new CD and I hope they come to
Stockholm/Sweden again soon! It has been a long time since I saw them in 1996. But check this out, Roadrunners homepage, with a song from their new album!

Some Type-links:

Johan Sperlingīs TON page

Millans page

those at fault

A tribute to TON

The Ogri Salami Cult Page

Omegaīs TON web page

NevermorE presents: Type O Negative

Well..the best of all my TypeO memories is from when Eric Le Noir and I went to
TONīs concert in Stockholm, Sweden, nowember 1996!! I loved every second!

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