Jennifer Lynn says:

Humanities Class:
Thank you all so much for all of the wonderful memories you've given me. Our term paper group, Christmas cards, and trip to New York helped all of us grow closer. I wish all of you the best as you pursue your dreams. I hope that everyone has a blast at college. Keep in touch! Love ya'll!
To Mrs. Sipe and Mrs. Mosteller:
I have enjoyed everything about this year. Even the countless hours of Art History review were almost enjoyable just because ya'll were here. Thank you both for your cheerfulness and encouragement. You have been a blessing. Keep in touch! I'll miss having such wonderful teachers. I love you both.
To the Fabulous Five:
We've had such a wonderful year! I hate having to leave all of ya'll, but we
will keep in touch. I'll miss each of you, but I have each of you in a special place in my heart. Remember all of the wonderful memories we've shared. I love ya'll!

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