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The Musical Almanac
  by Kurt Nemes

Everybody's making confessions these days, so here's mine: I have had an affair with classical music all my life. Classical music caught my attention as a boy, watching a cartoon, and it has held me captive long into adulthood. My love for it never stops growing.

Here's why I decided to create this site. The day before New Years eve 1998, I was driving my twelve year-old daughter to her violin lesson and she asked me to name my favorite piece of music. That question opened a floodgate as I went back over the years remembering the works that I've heard and loved. The next day, I wrote down as many pieces that popped into my head. The list grew to over 150 pieces by numerous composers.

At that point, I started writing about each piece in the order it came to me. Like all freelance writers, I wanted to see my words in print, and self-publishing on the web seemed the best way. Hence the site, which eventually turned into a kind of autoiography in music.

I started this website in January 1999 and wrote about a different piece every day until I got up to July 31. I then got waylaid for about 5 years, but as of November 2004, I'm working on it again.

I intend to share with you a all the pieces of classical music that I've discovered at some point in my life and tell you a little bit of how I found the piece, the emotion it evoked in me, and any other thoughts about it. I will try to present the works in the order in which I discovered them. May you get as much enjoyment from this treasury as I have.