Hands on Carnatic Music

A primer on How to listen to South Indian Classical Music


This article comes to you very gently to provide some information about Carnatic Music in a light way. Its main objective is to make you listen to a Carnatic Music concert even if U don't have any prior knowledge about Carnatic Music. Ofcourse you should also have some interest and motivation to listen.


Some of your friends may be very thorough and well versed in Carnatic Music. They may constantly listen to concerts, and if you go and ask something about Carnatic Music, they normally confuse you with some buzz words which may be difficult to follow.


Just read this article and U will definitely be able to say atleast basically what is what and really enjoy a concert. After listening to so many concerts U also will become a pakka professional critic. (Like Subbudu, who knows?)



Last Revised: 13th June 2002



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