Some of Wayne Gloege's Interests...

For PIPE ORGANS click here!

This includes primarily material on OUSCDB (Organs of the United States and Canada Data Base)

A wonderful place to gather stirring tales and LEGENDS OF THE BUNNIES

These legends have grown up around our rather large crop of stuffed bunnies and other stuffed beings

Bunnies Go the the Movies

For an incomplete but growing list of films featuring rabbits, either biological or stuffed!

Libraries in the Movies

A very incomplete but growing list of films which feature libraries interestingly.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is extremely photogenic. The formation "Liberty Cap" (remnant of an extinct spring or geyser), at Mammoth Hot Springs, has been photographic for over 100 years. Click Here to explore its history in photographs. These are large files, so the group of photos will be rather slow to load.

For a series of Yellowstone National Park panoramas, photographed and copyright by Wayne Gloege in 1997, CLICK HERE.

Favorite Paintings

Favorite Master Paintings, a rather arbitrary selection of some particular favorites from art history. Note that these are moderately large files and will take a little time to load.