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Hi.  I am Marica Gatt, a beekeeper from the Island of Malta...the land of honey. Enjoy my site.


The Maltese Islands possess a very rich wild flora with over 1000 flowering plants recorded. This is one reason why the Islands are renowned for best quality honey produced. Wild Thyme (Thymus capitatus) honey collected from the barren land in the North of Malta is the most preferred type of honey. According to Longo, Roman and Greek people, 200 years b.c, gave our Island the name of Melita, the Island of Honey. Nowadays, one still finds prominent places, like Wied il-Ghasel and Imgiebah, which prove the abundance of bee population and honey produced on the Island.

The honey bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) is known to inhabite the Maltese Islands for centuries. A local honeybee (Apis mellifera rutnerii) is presently being studied and identified, since it is somewhat different from other Mediterranean bees. Slightly smaller in size, dark in colour with apparently no yellow bands, incredibly resistant to diseases, viscous and highly active.

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