~ Welcome to Famous Faces Productions ~ Welcome to Famous Faces Productions. Though we've started brand new--we're not. Previously known as Custom Graphics, and graphics we'll give. For free. You tell us what you want...and we'll get it for you (or die trying). Stop paying for graphics you can have for free. We do limited orders so please don't hesitate to ask. I ask only one thing-- we are mainly Famous Faces. If you're making a celebrity shrine and want graphics just tell me where to get some regular old graphics of the star--I will contort them and specialize them to fit your site.

We basically do any type of site. I will ask of you one thing once the graphics have been made and that is to put a small banner for Famous Faces/Custom Graphics on your page. Its a small banner-- much smaller than if you paid for the graphics and the makers wanted credit. Trust us.

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