Hi and welcome to my Home Page, and also the home of the 
                                  GREAT BAGPIPE SOUND PROJECT
This site was created to give New players an idea of the basics in chanter setup, and to also let you hear the differences in tone, when simple elements of Tuning Theory are applied.
Also included, are my profile, and some Sound Bites from the Grade1
Metro Police PB
, that I had the privelidge to be a member of, for 6 years. 
There are 3 stages to the experiment with different parameters setup in
each stage. There are plenty of Wav Files to listen and compare results. 
Please visit all three stages and keep repeating the tests every so often,
to see if you are developing a good ear for tone.You'll surprize yourself! 
Digest all the information slowly. Keep repeating the tests
Repetition is the key to successful learning.
                              John B Mitchell