"Look out of my window, see the world passing by.

One more time to live and I have made it mine.

One more tree will fall, how strong the growing vine...

Leave the wise to write, for they write worldly rhymes.

And he who wants to fight begins the end of time.

But I have riches more than these."

One More Time to Live, John Lodge


In loving remembrance of Rusty


"This bond between us cannot be broken...

You'll be in my heart always." Phil Collins



"The high mission of any art is, by it's illusion,

to foreshadow a higher universe reality,

to crystallize the emotions of time

into the thought of eternity."

Urantia Book



Any single work of art touches each and every person in an individual and unique way.

Yet, at the same time it evokes that which is inherent in all of us ~

the shared thoughts and emotions that remind us that, while as human beings we are all individuals,

in the deeper spiritual sense we are all one, sharing a common journey through this world.

These pages are devoted to just a few of the many artists who works have enriched my life.

These images, words and melodies have inspired, enlightened, comforted and sometimes guided the way along my path.

In many ways, they tell the story of my own journey, which daily unfolds in magical, mystical, mysterious and sometimes miraculous ways.

I am deeply grateful for the way in which these artists' works have changed my life

and hope that this will in some way pay tribute to those who have touched so many,

simply by sharing something of themselves.



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 "There are bonds of knowing that lie beyond the boundaries of spoken language.

There is wisdom and connection beyond words."



"Listen to the tide slowly turning,

wash all our heartaches away.

We're part of the fire that is burning

and from the ashes we can build another day..."

The Story in Your Eyes, Justin Hayward


  for the Ones Who Know


 Pray for world peace.

Together, we can turn the tide.