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  1. Bach: Prelude and Fugue No 6 in D minor; Book 2 of the Well-Tempered Clavier

  2. Beethoven: Sonata Op 2 No 1 (4 movements:Alegro; Andante; Minuet & Trio; Presstissimo) in F minor

  3. Brahms: Intermezzo No 2 Op 117 in Bb minor

  4. Debussy: Prelude No 3 ,"La Puerta del Vino" in Db Major; book 2 .........(Debussy is actually implying a gate of the Alhambra Palace and the French title translates to "The Gates of Wine")

(ps there is something very peculiar about this programme, if you are a musician you should be able to spot it. When you've found it, send me an Email... hint: the giant @ symbol...)


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Several people have actually asked me about my past, and so, I have attemtped to remedy this by writing a short piece on the subject. I realise that some people might find some bits extremely boring, so I ask u to bear with it or it won't make much sense.

Well, here goes........

..........I began to tinkle the ivories when I was in year 4 at school (1990) when I was introduced to the electric keyboard via some cheap lessons from uni students. I did not learn anything from them, much the opposite, it probably set my technique BACKWARD by three years. It was not till 4 years later that I realised the value of a good music teacher. I did not actually start learning to really play the piano till I was in year 6 ('92) when I migrated to Sr Francis' flock. She was a caring, nurturing nun who understood me on all levels, well, most of the time. Although she was not to be mistaken with the other Sr Francis at Casino Convent who also taught piano, no, the Sr Francis-of the Lismore Presentation Sister's Convent-taught violin, and she had her own orchestra as well!

Sr Francis took me throught 2nd G(rade) 'Pianoforte' (pf) and I got an 'A' for that exam. I was over the moon. And I had a really pleasant examiner. I had Sr to thank for her insistent encouragement. After this, we skimmed over 3rd G material, which at this point I broke my right arm (November) after having an argument with my friend. My left hand got stronger. It made a convenient excuse not to practise. After this had passed, we went on with 4th G piano. I was forced to practise in the convent because I needed to practise on a real piano, as only had a small electric keyboard before.

Unfortunately for Sr Francis-and me come to think of it-she became ill with Lukemia and I was entrusted to Mrs. Roston (Liz for short, her sister was well known as a piano examiner) who took me through 4th G. Liz had a terrible electric piano *shiver*.

That year, when my birthday came around-December '94, my mother bought me a beautiful NEW black Kawai upright! I couldn't believe it for the first 3 weeks... I had gone to paradise and back again. subsequently I didn't get a present the following year.

After starting 5th G I was returned to the Convent-greatfully, where I commenced my musical studies with Lisa Pirlo-who was doing her LMusA at the time, and I was her first official pupil. Her ability was inspirational of what I could someday acheive. She was a very kind woman, she had a gentle humour and a pleasantness which was infectious. Sr Francis was still not well enough to teach,but she took me in for last minute exam preparations. I attended a musicianship exam(3rd G) for the first time in May '94, and I got an Honours award!

There were a lot of tears shed in preparing for the piano exam. I got an 'A'.

Suddenly, on September 12, tragedy struck. My mother died from a car accident and my entire world was turned upside down, and on Bosco's birthday too... how cruel can fate be? Life would no longer be the same. However, I felt my musicality developed and matured greatly through this experience and I realised that life continued, even if your best friend had left you. It was through this I realised what a valuable and magnificent gift my mother had given me, I realised her love and am now able to enact that through my music. I also discovered how music can be an excellent coping mechanism... at least for me. I now have a greater understanding of it, and also a great love, as it was my mother who had given me my talents.

That I year I resolved to be brave, and thus went in the Eisteddfod for the first time. This resulted in two first and two second placings, as well as $50 and a Perpetual trophy. One of the first places was for Debussy's "La fille aux cheveux de lin" -pretty heavy stuff for a 5th grader!

I did 4th G musicianship the following May (Honours) and 7th G piano in August (Honours). I liked the piano examiner that year, Keith Fields. He remarked, "I hope to meet you again some day, in differing circumstances of course." Ever since, I have been intrigued by his lateral approach to teaching, and indeed, working with him would be a very enriching experience.

I remember one particular 'nasty' examiner. He wasn't as mean as every body said he was, he did give me an 'A' after all: the only one in the area according to the other candidates. It intrigued me when Sr Francis warned me not to show any interest should Mr Thompson make any offers to me.

At this point in my musical life, I realised how good a friend both Sr and Lisa were to me. I think in my mother's absence Sr had become a 'surrogate' mother to me. I could tell her anything, well, almost anything, as she did have a strong temper sometimes. Lisa was always gentle, and soft spoken, and I fuess not as 'rough' around the edges.

Now I had decided to to complete 8th G piano and 6th G musicianship for HSC in year 11('98) instead of going straight onto AMusA. this meant doing 5th G musicianship in May and 6th in August with the piano exam. Unfortunately Sr did not have the confidence to say she would definately be well for the duration of the course and that to guarantee marks, I was relegated to the expert hands of Mrs McDermott.


There's more to come later, so stay tuned, and we'll be back VERY soon...... Otter XX OO


If you have ANY questions, you'll just have to ask them. Come on, I dare ya!