Mt Wellington, Hobart

Glind's diversions and eccentricities

Frame version - if you prefer
My Shakespeare - Hamlet & Lear
The Tomato Sauce Case - Sherlock Holmes
The Rembrandt Trio - Sherlock Holmes 2
The Two Death Cards - Sherlock Holmes 3
The Missing Novelist - Sherlock Holmes 4
The Pushmepullyou - Sherlock Holmes 5
Chance and Choice - Sherlock Holmes 6
The Pearl of Great Price - Fairfax Holmes
The Diabetic Boatman - Fairfax Holmes 2
Thirteen o'clock in April - grandfather clock
The Golden Road - a ghost story
Dalmations - 100-word stories 1-word title
Never a cross word - harmony in the home
The criminal mind - thinking evil thoughts
The day the world stopped - the smoking gun
Vacuuming the cat - unexpected, mostly funny
Mozart at the Sistine - Allegri's 'Miserere'
André Grétry - revolutionary composer
The Queen Caroline affair - court out
Dead End - a philosophical problem
Poetic favourites - I must remember this
My poems - uncouth rhymes and haiku                  
Original puzzles - easy, hard and ???
Jose, can you see ... Did they say that?
1862 Incident at St David's - grave matter
Key signatures - a rule of thumb
Transposing music - relativity of notes
Card-counting - teach yourself
Basic blackjack - one-liner strategy
Casino barring - the law in Tasmania
Blackjack School - casino teaches counting
20 questions - 7 Yeses = Gamblerholic
Newtonian Casino - a criticism
A Message to Garcia - Elbert Hubbard
The Dead Man's Hand - the 5th card
"Runaway Train" - Shuttle - coincidence
Insurance policy - Napoleon Bonaparte
"Mandalay" - geographical blunders
Dickinson: Queen of Calvary - interpreting
Dickinson: It dropped so low - interpreting
Jacqueline van der Waals - remarkable poet
"The Whistler's Mother-in-Law" - lyrics
Hearts and Flowers - beauty in 3D
Church of St Barbara - Maribor, Slovenia
GW-Basic programs - examples of code