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Lida District Home Page

Peter Duffy is looking for survivors from the Lida Area for a book he's writing on partisans.

NEW:  Volunteer members of Lida District Researchers have begun translating sections of Sepher Lida, the Yizkor Book for Lida.  We are hosting translations here temporarily while Yizkor Project puts them up.
Last updated: 3/02

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My maternal grandmother's grandfather was from Kempen in Posen, now Kepno, Poznan, Poland.  I've collected some of my material on him and on Jewish life in Kempen.

My maternal grandmother's grandmother's family, the Bauers, were from Breslau. [Under construction!]

 Famous descendants of Jente Hameln Under construction

Breslau --under construction -- updated 7/01

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Cross-reference of German and Polish town names in Posen
A list of towns in Poland by German name
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The beach at Sosua today
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