OK people. This is the document that only #cyprus operators recieve. It contains all their rules and guidelines to the channel operation. See and judge for yourselves, are these rules actually followed? or are they just there for covering technicalities

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' Users and OPs have to follow certain rules in order to
maintain the high standards of the channel. The rules have
not been made on the spot as some users might think, but
they were suggested, tested and applied to the channel.
Bans and kicks from the channel are made by applying
those rules. We have set the rules to protect the channel's
users from any kind of IRC abuse.'
The above words were copied from http://ww.cyprusirc.net and users are
expected to follow all the rules listed on the site. The same rules must be
followed by ALL OPS no matter the access they have. In addition, #Cyprus
operators have to comply with the following rules:

1 Email Rules

1.1 The mailing list must be used ONLY by OPs. A person that has no access on
#Cyprus is NOT allowed to read/write emails from/to the mailing list.

1.2 The mailing list must be respected. Send only emails that are related to
#Cyprus. Emails that concern only a number of ops (not the total) should be send in

1.3 The mailing list alias should NOT be revealed outside the OP family. Respect
the list administrator and the rest ops.

1.4 Problems concerning the mailing list (e.g. you don?t' receive all the mails etc.)
should be sent to the list administrator ONLY and NOT to the list.

1.5 Conflicts between ops have no place in the list. If for any reason an op has a
complain, he/she has to send a private mail to any of the administrators or the
channel manager.

2 Kick / Ban Rules

2.1 ALL rules that users have to follow must also be followed by ANY op , no
matter the access level he/she has.

2.2 An OP is not allowed to remove other OP's BAN. If you have to remove a ban for some reason , ask first the op that has placed the BAN and if he/she agrees then it can be removed.

2.3 An OP has to remove ALL his/her BANs before leaving the channel. If for some
reason the ban need to remain, then the BAN has to be placed via X or via any
other Eggdrops (bots) that are currently opped in the channel.

2.4 An OP cannot ban a user for private-personal reasons. If the user is swearing
in private no BAN can be placed. The /ignore command should be used in these
(WARNING - mIRC only: use /ignore -p <nickname> and not just /ignore
<nickname> otherwise total ignore will take place and the user will not be able to be inspected in
the channel)

2.5 Personal Attacks (flooding/nuking) do not follow the 2.4 rule. An OP can BAN
someone that attempts to nuke/flood him/her.

2.6 Line bans (i.e *!*@the.isp.com) should NOT be placed for more than 1
hour. If the ban is via the X bot extra care must be taken in order to follow the 1-
hour limit. This rule applies only for dynamic ips (i.e local cyprus ISPs).

2.7 A Ban via X without reason is NOT valid and should be removed by ANY
operator, who has the access.

3 Topic Rules

3.1 Topics including Personal matters, Politics, Sports, Religion, Sex, Advertising
(for profit) are NOT allowed

3.2 Only Greek and English can be used

3.3 No offensive language can be used

3.4 The #Cyprus Home page URL http://www.cyprusirc.net should be
placed on the Topic. (at least at the end of the topic)

4 General Rules

4.1 Any op can suspend an op with lower access if there is an important reason
regarding the channel.

4.2 An op with Admin access (400+) cannot remove an op from the X database if
the channel manager is not informed/consulted first..4.3 Operators can post any subject-document (s)he likes at www.cyprusirc.net after approval from the Web Administrators.

4.4 All ops must ALWAYS use the nickname they had when they got their op
status. When Away (or any other status) their nickname must indicate that.

4.5 At least when the OP is authenticated on #Cyprus he/she has to behave
properly on all other channels as well.

4.6 Voice (+v) should be given only to accessed Ops or bots.

4.7 New ops will be elected at op-meetings (on-line meetings are acceptable too)
or using the mailing list. The front runners will have a face to face meeting with at
least 2 of the administrators for final approval. Nominations for new ops should be
done at least one week before the election and can be done ONLY from ops that
have access of 3 months or more. Please make sure that when nominating a user,
he/she is interested in becoming an operator.

4.8 New ops under probation (1 month) can be removed from the "x" list at any

4.9 Authenticated ops should watch the channel at all times. Unattended scripts
can be worst than having no scripts at all.

4.10 Channel administrators cannot change access of an operator without
informing / consulting the channel manager.

The above rules can change from time to time. A valid RED BOOK should be
sent only from Admins and Channel Manager to the rest of the OPs. When
referring to a rules, just use its reference number. Please feel free to contact me
at stefanos@cyprusirc.net if you think that a rule should be changed or
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