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Bennet's Site!!
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Welcome to my site.
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What's New?
Sweden Comix and Art added to Comix Page    Feb. 22, 2005
Guestbook Added  Feb. 22, 2005

Feb. 1, 2005:  Bennet's Comix Hall of Fame Added
Jan. 29, 2005:  Comix Update! Swim Comix uploaded.  And "Swimming at Conference" added to Poetry page. 
September 19, 2004 - 3 new flash movies added to the comix page!

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The Tribute
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Idiom Records
Dis J Aster's Website!!


June 6, 2004:  Movies Page Updated (I have seen Donnie Darko (!!!!!);
At the Comix Page!
Oct 26 - The second Caped Patroller Trailer!!  Cool!!  At Comix Page!!
September 6 - My second flash movie:  The Caped Patroller episode 1 is online at the Comix page.  More to come! 
MY FIRST FLASH MOVIE!!!  The Caped Patroller, now at the Comix Page!!!  Sept. 4, 2003
Brave Fencer Grisanti and the Dark Sect of Chaos added to the Comix Page - May 3, 2003
Poem by brother Blake uploaded!  Dec. 25, 2002
Bennet's Poetry Page updated with a new poem!  Dec. 22, 2002
Darkwolf in: Fall of the Children is completely uploaded.  July 31, 2002
Bennet's Favorite Movies Page reorganized.  June 28, 2002
Lost in Space Historix uploaded!  June 10, 2002
Darkwolf in: Fall of the Children uploaded!!  May 12, 2002
Meredith's Comic (written by Meredith) is uploaded to the Comix Page!  May 1, 2002
Bennet's Second Tribute is uploaded.  April 29, 2002
Check out Dis J Aster's (Andrew Burton's) updated site!!! Aug 04, 2001
Bennet's Movies Page... (August 03 = most recent update) ...and Bennet's Poetry Page updated/reorganized  June 23, 2001
Episode 4 of JT Money in:  Invasion of the Robotic War Machines of Doom added!  Movies page updated too.  May 12, 2001
Bennet's Comix updated: Coombs Shortix added!!  April 13, 2001
Poetry and Links updated.  April 1, 2001
Bennet's Movies Page Updated!!  March 14, 2001
JT Money update!  March 13, 2001
JT Money in: Invasion of the Robotic War Machines of Doom uploaded!  February 23, 2001
Bennet's Gaming Page updated!  Little Fighters added February 13, 2001
The Tribute added. January 22, 2001
Bennet's Comix Updated!  January 2, 2001
Episodes 4, 5, and 6 of The Wrath of Sal Mone uploaded
Episode 3 uploaded!  Oct 30
Episode 2 uploaded!  Oct. 29
The Wrath of Sal Mone:  Episode 1 uploaded!  October 28, 2000
A Geocities error was corrected by me!  Oct.  25
The Mr. Plummer Page is a page dedicated to Mr. Plummer. Sept. 4
Bennet's Job Page contains information about McCollum Park and my new lifeguarding/teaching job!  June 18
Bennet's Favorite Movies page updated!  Yay!
Bennet is appointed as the "Sensei" at "Stop the Madness!"  April 23!
Episode 3 is online at the Comix Page!      Feb.  25
Bennet's Comix New and Improved!!!
Much easier access to comics plus Episode 2 added!!  Feb.  12
Bennet's Comix added!!  Check the site contents below
Student's Log and Links updated again Feb. 6!
The Student's Log was updated December 7, 1999
Links are updated!  December 7, 1999
Student's Log: The voyages of the "Shoes o' Bennet." Nov. 12
Site is revived from its dormant state October 20, 1999!!!!
Bennet becomes O-Ring Site member and Addition of philosophy page June 13, 1999
Site is reorganized April 8
Marshmallow duel is added to the gaming page March 31, 1999