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Cor d'Orchestre

France, ca.1830
Stoelzel Valves

France, ca.1840
Vienna Horn

Vienna?, ca.1840?
Berliner Pumpen Valves

Germany, ca.1840
Josef Cidrich
Vienna Horn

Brno, ca.1870
F. Van Cauwelaert
Cor à Pistons

Belgium, ca.1871
Ferdinando Roth

Italy, ca.1875
Single Eb 

Germany, ca.1880?
Single with Crooks

Germany, ca.1885
Gautrot Breveté
Cor d'Harmonie
France, ca.1890
Single F

Germany?, ca.1890?
Single F

Germany, ca.1900?
René Duval
Double F/Bb
Italy, ca.1925?
Alexander Descant
Bb/High F

Germany, ca.1930

Some Other Horns from Other Places
Life and Times of a Horn Player

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