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"It's all about hope for a brighter future. It's my hope that we can all rediscover a positive, uplifting outlook on life, then use that feeling to motivate us to live lives that can positively influence those around us: our families, our communities and, at some point, the entire world..."
- David Lanz on What is the message that his music conveys

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Here are lists of music albums from my favourite musicians and information on where you can get them online.....

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Lorie's CD...
Open House
The songs from this unique album were digitally recorded at Lorie Line's home. Album also contains photos taken from her beautiful house.

My Favourites :
  • Jackson's Girl
  • Nights in White Satin
  • You Must Love Me

David's CD...
David's Sheet Music
Return To The Heart
Recorded in different parts of Europe, David hopes to be inspired by the different landmark settings where the vitality and traditions of Europe could directly inspire each performance: a church in Amsterdam; a palace in Madrid..this album consists of new compositions, several improvisations and some of his favourite works from the past 10 years.

My Favourites :
  • Return to the Heart
  • A Whiter Shade of Pale
  • Variations on a Theme from Pachelbel's Canon in D Major

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