New LayOut 4 Mikhail Andronov Headquarters!!!

I know, I know, I haven't worked on my site in a long while or that much lately! SO SUE ME!!! Between attending of College, planing for neorevoluionary worker/world hegonomy and now a new Job at chair factory, and I have my hands full!

But today, my fans, I debut exciting new features sure to BLOW YOUR MIND!!! First up, my biography, explore Mikhail Andronov, his life anf timeS! From my humbel beginings, learn why some have proclamed me a modern genius!

Second, I plan on adding many new things to this page, so you got to check back often! For example, leatn of the secret plan of mAmerica! and the capitalist/Jew conspirecy when I am finished!

By now you are probably saying to yourself - What? Are you crazy, Mikhail?!? You're site was perfect before! Why change now? Always with the simple questions! Everything must change, even this site!

Now, comrades, let us begin
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