A Little Introduction

Hi! My name is Chen Yun-ming. I work as a Software Engineer in a software company, Adroit Innovations Ltd. It's a Singaporean-based company. You may wish to visit us here.

What I'm involved now

I'm currently playing the National Institute of Education Symphonic Band, 1st Trombone. I've been there since 1995. Also, I've only recently joined the Thomson Jazz Band, Band 3, usually playing there as 4th Trombone. Occasionally, I play 2nd or even lead out of necessity. I see myself a jazz novice, and also still yet to convince my heart to it. But between the symphonic band players and jazz players I'm quite impressed by the heart and passion those jazz musicians put their heart out to playing their music. For eg, some of those uncles playing in t the jazz band, although well into their 60s and 70s, have so much enthusiasm to make me wonder why some younger players in their 20s can conplain that they've been playing for "too" long? To those youngsters playing in the Symphonic Bands ==> Nothing beats music from the heart.

About my Musical Life

"Music and more music. It's incredible how music dominates my social life, so much so that I can hardly see one. Having said that, I wish to emphasize I have absolutely zero regrets whatsoever. In my humble opinion, Music is truly a great invention of the human race."
- Those were the words I've said?! I must've forgotten how much passion I used to have for music.

About The Wind Music Genre In Singapore

I've got lots to say regarding this topic.
Considering the size of the country, it's quite amazing to see so many wind band music groups around. Most of them are of sub-amateur standards.
However, the most glaring heartache for me is to see a lack of a proper music education system in Singapore that leads the young from childhood to adulthood the way of the Music. This includes music appreciation, playing music etc.
Take a simple example, I've always heard people lamenting the lack of musicality among the younger generations of musicians. But did they probe further by asking why is that so?
Not every child is by nature gifted or talented in music. But with the proper training and encouragement the basic skills of music appreciation can be taught. The saying that music cannot be taught is just utter rubbish spoken by irresponsible mouths.
Finally, if you're a Singaporean amateur wind musician or an amateur aspiring for something more, I would just like to tell you that you're simply not good enough. I can confidently say that the previous statement applies to at least 90% of you. And if you choose to be angry with me and rebuke, then you've totally missed the point. Because the point is not about me or you, it's about MUSIC.

Nice couple, playing a loveful duet, I'm sure.

The legendary trombonist Christian Lindberg, visiting some relatives, in connection with solo appearances with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. This was of course a terribly outdated photo, I hope Christian don't mind...^-^
Email me if you think we share something in common or that you feel a sudden urge to talk or type ... ^-^