i  though i would show You examples of what i look like in  *everyday* clothes

one of my denim skirts i like to wear and 
also wear it with a pink and white thinly
striped shirt.  a bit of a pose, i know *LOL*.. thinking now i should have held my tummy in a bit  *LOL*
*com'on down* *LOL* 
sure!...one step at a time.  *s*
these trousers are made of a soft cotton with satin lining.. they are ever so smart and comfortable too... i dont know but for some reason they seem very bright in this picture  when in fact they are  more off-white in r/t. oh well....
 was that surpose to  be black and white or was it  white and black??? *LOL*
stop half way i think i will go back up and change again.. *LOL*
 *S* that is better...
  ohh trying to do a quick change 

in the evening i like to wear black most of the time *S*

   i dont know  why am holding onto the Hat.. *LOL* 
and i like going barefoot around if i am not wearing heels
  my *pebbles* hairstyle 
  stand around for a while


  or getting ready to go out...
   ohhh i need  to sit down..... 
better still a nice relax on the sofa would even be better in *a la naturale*    *LOL*   
Pictures and design by *ushi*