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What is Random Music?

Well I made this term to have some kind of description of this special type of music. Especially for the way this kind of music is made. You can let a program make the music for you - this is not what I mean. Here you can make music yourself even without having any idea of how to compose. You just let your fingers move randomly on your  keyboard. If you do not have any music maker program, you can easily download one from the net for free. I have been using Anvil Studio - you can download it from anvil studio

How to make Random music

The fun thing about Anvil Studio is, that if you let your fingers more or less randomly hit the keys on the keyboard, notes will appear. I found that it is a good idea sometimes to let your fingers move around the same keys, if it is too random it often becomes too strange to listen to. But try for yourself. You can choose different sounds. Midi sounds are in general not that good, especially when you put them on a site like this, then I would not even now if this special kind of music will sound even stranger. But anyhow it is fun, and sometimes something can come out of it that sounds reasonably good . 

Go for it and let me hear it too

So I encourage you to do the same, more or less randomly as you choose. And please do return to me if you have made some. I would love to hear it. For more examples of random music you are welcome to visit my homepage: siffen.dk

Siff Lillian Skovenborg