Thursday 5.11.00
Dear Visitor,

I will no longer be working on my site. It has become pointless and a drag for the most part...

Not that making a webpage is pointless--but the contents of my webpage were seemingly "substance-less" (couldn't think of a better word) and dry. In the meantime, I will be working on another site...

It's in the making right now. And yess... I finally found a host that will provide me with a generous amount of webspace with no ads or annoying thingies coming up in your face. (happy jychoi?? =p)

I would still like to hear from you though... so here is my guestbook. Email me and talk to me online as well... (I have a tendency to get lonely... just like the rest of you out there)

Anyway, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful spring/summer break. For those of you still in school--wish you the best in yer classes (three hour classes for some of you) =) Well, God bless...and come back in a month...maybe I will have something here to entertain you...hehe. Until then...take care :)