Nestling in the hills of the Sahyadri on a serene, verdant valley is the Shaktiyogashrama gurukula founded by Swami Shri Harish Madhukar. Based on the values of holistic living, cultural rootedness and spiritual discipline, the ashram regularly holds camps on yoga and meditation and cultural awareness consisting of modules on classical arts and sciences. The ashram also hosts two festivals on the occasion of Shivratri and Sharadpoornima.


Shaktiyogashrama takes pleasure in announcing its 8th Sharadpoornima festival from the 7th-10th October 2003.On this auspicious occasion there will be a theatre performance & cultural awareness (sanskriti darshan) camp consisting of the following modules.

* 7th Oct–Understanding Dhrupad sangeet by Manoj and Sulabha Saraf.

Both Manoj and Sulabha Saraf are senior disciples of Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and have trained in the guru shishya parampara for 6 years. They have performed all over India.

This lecture demonstration will highlight the finer aspects of Dhrupad gayaki and its roots in the Samaveda.It will also delve upon the differences between the Dhrupad and Khayal forms of music. Shri Manik Munde the noted Pakhawaj player will provide accompaniment in the demonstration.

*8th Oct. . Rhythm in Indian Dance by Mandakini Trivedi and Prakriti.

Mandakini Trivedi is an accomplished dancer, teacher, choreographer and writer on dance. Prakriti is a Master of Fine Arts in dance (Bharat Natyam) and specialises in the rhythmic aspect of Bharat. .At present she is also training in Mohini Attam


*8th Oct. Durga in myth , Music and Dance- Devdutt Pattanaik, Jayanti Sundaram and Mandakini Trivedi.

The presentation will look at Durga as the Power invoked by the gods to kill Mahisha and enchant Shiva, The Mother who provides food and protection for all, is the Supreme Goddess who is Prakriti, Maya, Shakti.

*9th Oct.- A film on Indian Sculpture highlighting its aesthetic and philosophical principles.

*Yoga and meditation by Parimal Devnath and Ram Sakhalkar.

Both Mr. Devnath and Mr. Sakhalkar are expert tutors trained in the Kaivalyadhama tradition.

Yoga and meditation are an indispensable aspect of the camp. At the ashram the day begins and ends with practical sessions on yoga and meditation.

9th Oct 2003– SHARADOTSAVA

Laxmi Puja

Programme for the children of Telbaila Village.

” Mata Hidimba” – Written & directed by Shri Chetan Datar. Cast - Smt. Rajshri Shirke & Shri Vaibhav Arekar & Shri Prashant Chaudappa

Conceived in the total theatre mode the play depicts the epic tale of Hidimba and her son Ghatotkacha on one level. But from within the life story of these central characters surfaces an intricately woven and touching tale of the travails of a single mother and the deep fears and impact of war and terrorism.


Venue: Shaktiyogashrama -Telbaila (32 kms. from Lonavala)

Dates: 7th October to 10th October 2003

Fees: Rs.1200/- (inclusive of transport)


You may send a cheque directly after confirming your name telephonically or on e-mail. (Rs1200/- all inclusive). The cheques should be in the name of Shaktiyogashrama. The cheques can be reached on any of the following addresses. (Please register before the 3rd of October, 2003)

Mandakini Trivedi : 221, Juhu Sheetal, Gulmohar Cross Rd no. 9, J. V. P. D., Mumbai - 49
Phone- 26245000/ 26244777. Email : nateshwari@yahoo.com

Gauri Kshirsagar : 144, Primrose, Glendale, Smt Gladys Alvares Marg, Off Pokharan Rd. No2, Thane.
Phone- 25443002/ 25446767. Email : gkshirsagar@hotmail.com

Pune - Dilip Kothari - 9520-588 2935, e-mail : dilipmyfriend@yahoo.com

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Venue :

The ashrama is situated in the lap of nature -deep in Sahyadri range near village Telbaila. It is 32 kms from Lonavala, 25 kms further down after Bushy dam. (off the Mumbai-Pune highway)

How to reach there ?

The best option is register your name as explained in the registration details and travel with us by special bus from Dadar to the ashrama and back.
The ashram is reachable by S.T. -Bhamburde S.T. from Lonavala (12 noon & 4-30 p.m.)
By private vehicle Lonavala - Bushy dam - I.N.S.Shivaji - Peth Shahapur - ( take a right turn before Ambavane ) - Saltar - Telbaila.

On the way to the Ashrama, nature will greet u

Ashrama cottage : a place where you live with nature !



Shaktiyogashrama looks forward to hosting you.



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