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Our family photo
First time ever, wanted to build a home page for myself. Have been deferring it. So, now this attempt to build something raw, if not jazzy. Following are my points of interest that I will be covering in my pages soon.

  1. Music (want to improvise on keyboard & flute)
  2. Photography
  3. Videography (want to shoot better films, though personal memoirs)
  4. Bhagavadgita
  5. bhArat history
  6. telugu padyAlu

Till then,
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Interesting links

  1. click here to see a list of Hindu links
  2. Click here to read saMskRtam skit, kAlAya tasmai namaH, we acted on aug 11th, 2001
  3. I wrote a telugu story early 2001, when I just bought the house in Tracy, and the job front wasn't any pleasant.
  4. Click here to see Our Tracy house photos.
  5. Click here to see our photos during Nov2003-Jan2004 vacation in bhArat.
  6. Click here to see our photos during 2000 vacation in India (april 25th to june 25th).
  7. Click here to see Siri's photos during summer '98
  8. Click here for my resume
  9. Techy guys? click here for my guru's site
  10. check this out: Mandolin U. SrInivAs home page
    He and I were born the same year, 1969 :-)
  11. Nice Quotations
  12. sundari nIyum

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