New place, New space
packing up @ 02:55pm 21.11.04

I'm moving out... feel free to check out my new place. Christmas gifts are always welcome.

Trick or Treating
in my costume @ 11:55am 31.10.04

I'll start off by greeting a couple of people happy birthday. Beans, Lauren, Chan chan, Mayette, Lola Lusing and Molly Weasley who all celebrated their birthday yesterday and to Carl today.


Today's halloween and I'm still in my nightgown, I call it that coz I'm not in PJs or some ratty pambahay clothes but it's actually just those cotton nightslips with cute designs, nothing fancy, it's not even lace or silk. Anyway I had a talk with my mom about those times when my brothers, a couple of family friends and I used to go trick or treating in San Lorenzo Village in Makati. She asked if we had fun back then, of course we did. I even remember riding at the back of the pick up truck be cause we don't just walk around the village. We were even thinking about my old costumes. I only remember 2, one was I was wonder woman and the other is a white ninja. Years after that I never wore costumes when trick or treating in Valle Verde. The only times I wore costumes were halloween birthday parties. In Chan chan's 7th birthday I was dressed as Chun-li and in Ruth's birthday I was an ateneo cheerleader.

If I were to wear a costume and go trick or treating this year here are my top 5 picks in no particular order:
1. Kill Bill's The Bride: Maybe I just want to walk around in a wedding gown
2. Mean Girl: I already have my Regina George get up so this is possible
3. Stepford Wife: I'm loving this look right now
4. Blair Waldorf: need I say more?
5. Tessa Prieto-Valdes: again, need I say more?


I was out shopping with my mum yesterday and she was the one who actually told me that she was buying me the ballet flats in Bayo that I wanted so much so we went there and she said it looks cheap and that we should just look around else where. I was a bit pissed off by her comment because I really found the shoes cute. So we were walking around Shangri-la and went into this new shoe store and I found these seafoam colored ballet flats, this time she said it was way expensive, well they acually were for something made in Singapore. If they were made else where maybe it would be justifiable. So to cut the story short, I was not able to buy any ballet flats yesterday and we'll be out again on monday to look for a better pair in Mega Mall. Good thing there are more shoe stores there.


Midterms are over but not quite yet because I still have 2 book reports and 1 exam. I'm trying to get some rest this weekend so I won't feel stressed when school starts again on tuesday. This time it's not much hectic and there are more free cuts.


Updates on my BMProject... I'm supposed to lose 2-3 pounds a week. I just started off this week and I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to make it since I still eat (but not a lot) and I haven't done any excercise. This morning after reading the papers I weighed myself and I lost... 4 pounds! OMG! I can't believe it actually but my BMProj actually works! haha

Get to know me
psychoanalist at work @ 11:01am 24.10.04

things in Italics are so totally me.

handwriting analysis 1
Cai has a healthy imagination and displays a fair amount of trust. She lets new people into her circle of friends. She uses her imagination to understand new ideas, things, and people.

Cai is selective when picking friends. She does not trust everyone. She has a select group of people that are truly close to her, usually two or three. She is careful when choosing her inner circle of friends.

Something is incomplete in Cai's life. She feels frustration relating to her physical needs and desires. Somewhere in her life there is some disappointment, non-fulfillment, and interruption. This is very likely to relate to Cai's sexual needs.

Cai is having a lack of physical energy at the time this handwriting was written. If someone has very short and straight down lower loops (like in the y or g), this indicates this person's physical drive (activity or sex) is compromised. Usually, this indicates the person simply isn't interested in getting too physical right now. This could be a temporary mood which often happens when the body is sick and is healing. Or, this could be a result of an emotional or physical issue that is effecting Cai 's energy level and interest in sex. Sex doesn't seem to be a priority at the moment.

Cai has a temper. She uses this as a defense mechanism when she doesn't understand how to handle a situation. Temper is a hostile trait used to protect the ego. Temper can be a negative personality trait in the eyes of those around her.

Cai's true self-image is unreasonably low. Someone once told Cai that she wasn't a great and beautiful person, and she believed them. Cai also has a fear that she might fail if she takes large risks. Therefore she resists setting her goals too high, risking failure. She doesn't have the internal confidence that frees her to take risks and chance failure. Cai is capable of accomplishing much more than she is presently achieving. All this relates to her self-esteem. Cai's self-concept is artificially low. Cai will stay in a bad situation much too long... why? Because she is afraid that if she makes a change, it might get worse. It is hard for Cai to plan too far into the future. She kind of takes things on a day to day basis. She may tell you her dreams but she is living in today, with a fear of making a change. No matter how loud she speaks, look at her actions. This is perhaps the biggest single barrier to happiness people not believing in and loving themselves. Cai is an example of someone living with a low self-image, because their innate self-confidence was broken.

In reference to Cai's mental abilities, she has a very investigating and creating mind. She investigates projects rapidly because she is curious about many things. She gets involved in many projects that seem good at the beginning, but she soon must slow down and look at all the angles. She probably gets too many things going at once. When Cai slows down, then she becomes more creative than before. Since it takes time to be creative, she must slow down to do it. She then decides what projects she has time to finish. Thus she finishes at a slower pace than when she started the project. She has the best of two kinds of minds. One is the quick investigating mind. The other is the creative mind. Her mind thinks quick and rapidly in the investigative mode. She can learn quicker, investigate more, and think faster. Cai can then switch into her low gear. When she is in the slower mode, she can be creative, remember longer and stack facts in a logical manner. She is more logical this way and can climb mental mountains with a much better grip.

Cai will be candid and direct when expressing her opinion. She will tell them what she thinks if they ask for it, whether they like it or not. So, if they don't really want her opinion, don't ask for it!

Cai is moderately outgoing. Her emotions are stirred by sympathy and heart rendering stories. In fact, she can be kind, friendly, affectionate and considerate of others. She has the ability to put herself into the other person's shoes. Cai will be somewhat moody, with lows and highs. Sometimes she will be happy, the next day she might be sad. She has the unique ability to get along equally well with what psychology calls introverts and extroverts. This is because she is in between. Psychology calls Cai an ambivert. She understands the needs of both types. Although they get along, she will not tolerate anyone that is too "far out." She doesn't sway too far one way or the other. When convincing her to buy a product or an idea, a heart rendering story could mean a great deal to her. She puts herself in the same situation as the person in the story, yet she will not buy anything that seems overly impractical or illogical. Cai is an expressive person. She outwardly shows her emotions. She may even show traces of tears when hearing a sad story. Cai is a "middle-of-the-roader," politically as well as logically. She weighs both sides of an issue, sits on the fence, and then will decide when she finally has to. She basically doesn't relate to any far out ideas and usually won't go to the extreme on any issue. Cai tends to write a bit smaller than the average person. When a person's letters are small and tiny, this indicates an ability to focus and concentrate. This character trait is a huge asset in careers like math, science, race car driving, and flying planes. However, if Cai writes tiny all of the time, she will also display characteristics of someone who is socially introverted. Cai will often sit on the sideline and watch others get the attention at parties. She might be willing to open up and be warm, but only in small groups or a select group of people. When she is busy working on a project, it is common for all other noises and distractions to just fade away and her ability to focus is incredible. When she says she didn't hear you... really, she didn't hear you.

handwriting analysis 2
It means you're an extrovert who's future oriented, enjoys trying new things, and declares Carpe diem! as your motto.

You love parties, malling, and out-of-town trips. You probably belong to a very large barkada. Other adjectives attributed to this kind of handwriting are spontaneous, chatty, warm-heared, and energetic.

You're the born optimist. You have a happy-g-lucky disposition, but it doesnt mean you're a flake--you'll take on a dare without batting an eyelash.

what your favorite shade says about you?
Passionate Purple. Purple lovers are free spirits. Always with a mysterious air about them, they're creative, artistic, and possess an eye for detail. These girls are sensitive and open to the many possibilities life offers. Purple gals treasure quality; they are willing to spend a whole lot of moola for loot they know will last.

shapes, colors, and symbols
You believe people are inherently good; you give 100 percent in every relationship because of this belief. You love giving gifts, not only on special occasions, but on regular days as well. You have an idealized view of what relationships ought to be, and you strive your very best to uphold that view.
watch it: You place a lot of trust in people. Although your trust is seldom betrayed, once it is, it's extremely difficult to win it back. You rarely give people second chances.

work it: People love you because you make others feel better about themselves. They feel comfortable when you are around.
watch it: You please others to your own detriment. Unfortuately, others may take advantage of your goodness. You may also be accused of being too sensitive.

work it:Responsible is a word that immediately comes to mind when asked to describe you. You have a good memory, thanks to your great organizational skills. You love details and would often carry around a list of things to do.
watch it: Bossy is another word that immediately comes to mind when asked to describe you. This is because you're used to getting your way most of the time. You set high standards for yourself and others; and you are greatly disappointed when those standards are not met.

work it: You play very close attention to details. This often leads others to call you obsessive-compulsive. You're the one others run to for notes--and to get the work done. You plan tasks well in advance, lay out the steps needed to get the final project done, and you organize a timetable--that must be strictly followed.
watch it: You have a tendency to do everything yourself since you like making sure everything is done to your satisfaction. This makes you a great worker. However this hinders you from being a great leader. A leader knows how to delegate. This means you need to trust others to do their own work.

star signs
Earth. [Taurus] Earth girls are down-to-earth, laid-back, and very dependabe people. Their nurturing nature has equipted them with the soundest advice and fair judgements. These girls are not ones to follow trends. They bring a more conservative and classic theme into their outfits, and pair it with an unmatched elegance. They also have a flare for the expensive. Branded and high-quality items always have a special place in an Earth girl's heart.

note: I'm taking down the of the moment part in my sidebar because it's all cluttered and I can't find time to update it everyday.

Nobody does it better
clearing out the clutter @ 02:51pm 16.10.04

I'm cleaning up my friendster account now and I don't really care if I'll delete about 100 people there coz they're not my friends in the first place and some of them are people whom I have had some falling out with or whatever crap. The only ones who are staying in my account are: (1)school friends (gs, hs, college), (2)friends outside school (dunno how to describe them basta sila ags, mayette, marlo, etc), (3)old friends from other forums (may pinagsamahan na kse kami), (4)pansies (malamang diba!), (5)ballet friends (from everywhere), (6)others who do not fit in any of these categories but are still my friends.

My grounds for deleting were: (1)I don't know you at all, (2)you probably were my friend for just one day and never even bothered to talk to me afterwards, and (3)I don't like you anymore.

So next time that you would want to add me in your friendster account please make you that you really are my friend. It saves you the rejection part.


Every mondays, wednesdays and fridays I'm always awake in my first class which is Industrial Psychology... not because I think that it's the only class that I like this term, its because in that class our discussions are wild and our examples are even wilder. Imagine a class where you talk about sexual stuff at 8 in the morning, all your classmates are laughing their asses off their chair and you're sitting in the middle of the room. Who won't be awake in that situation?

As far as my other classes are concerned I didn't learn anything during our brain dissection during biopsyc now I'm thinking of sitting in with the other batch who'll have the brain dissection rather than get my free cut for the week. I would still have to memorize the parts and their fuctions and honestly speaking I don't like studying them with my group since I'm sort of irritated at one of them for being such a know-it-all when she doesn't really know much. Ever since that grade mishap last term I now do not trust them much because they just copy off me and my other friend and get away with the higher grade.

In my Personalities class, I don't see much progress since the things that I learn from my professor are how Euroupe is a lot better than America, where it's cheap to shop , why you should not bug Egyptian cotton, love issues and other things that are not really much relevant in the course like her life and her basketball team. It's all about her when we have class and I really should have taken a different professor.

I'm dying of boredom in my Psychometrics 2 class so if you want to save me from boredom send me an SMS every MWF at 2:30-3:30pm. We have so much to do in that class but it's just way too boring and I don't like that my professor isn't really sticking to what schedule she gave us like yesterday. We had a 3 -hour break (which became 4 hours because I decided to cut my Personalities class) so my friends and I went to glorietta to watch a movie if we see something that we like, go window shopping and have lunch. We came back for psycho2 because we were supposed to start on our major project and when we arrived in class she just gave a lecture that was extremely boring because she already gave that lecture last meeting. I wanted to strangle her! I should have just gone to the mall early to hangout with Hay in her job fair booth, watch a movie with Mea and shop till i drop.


I got myself 4 new books this week and I can't wait to read them all. I already read GG6 last thursday and I'm starting on A-List3 today. I'm not really in a hurry to read them since I have a lot of school work to do (yah right!).


I'm so jealous of those people who are having their sembreak now. I wish I had a break too. Midterms are near so I have a lot to study on and things to memorize and write while they are just bumming around. Well at least I have allowance. haha!

We'll be sleeping over in Mea's place soon and I still have to think of an excuse for my parents to allow me to go. I really want to even if that's during the midterm week.


I can't think of anyother things to add since it's so hot in here and I haven't had lunch yet and I'm starving. I better go.

Brilliant yet Effortless
still classy and poised @ 04:16pm 09.10.04

I'm sure a lot of you know what kwentong barbero is but I think this is not as aliw as if used to be. A couple of weeks back I had some sort of an epiphany (lol!) that kwentong barbero is now known as kwentong taxi driver, while I was on a cab on my way home the cabbie told me that the old medical city was going to be rebuilt and it will be a food court, of course I just said 'talaga?' my head even if I had the urge to say that it was going to be a nursing school not a food court. Then the he said, 'oo, tapos yung kitchen doon sa baba, sa morge'... corny!


I went home from school early yesterday because Ms. Tarroja was absent so I did not have any afternoon classes and when I was in the LRT I realized that I forgot to have my new indpsyc handout (for monday) photocopied! I'm pretty much afraid of being sent out of the room during class for not being able to read the 4 long handouts so I'll just have to look as if I've read them and try to recite in class... without any knowledge of the said handout! haha


I had just finished memorizing the divisions of the brain and next week I'll have to start memorizing its parts... as in all of the parts plus the 12 cranial nerves! This is the part when I say that "I really should have taken my complab seriously" *shakes head*. Well things are over and done, I should learn how not to regret things as my personalities professor said that the worst question to ask yourself is WHAT IF?

On monday we'll be in lapis to start studying the human brain and I still can't believe that I'll be holding a human brain. I have handled a cat's brain before, heck, I even have it here in my room as remembrance of my complab days.

I should just make sure that my breakfast next week should be properly digested before biopsyc.


For the past few days I've always been listening to chill out music because it's the closest thing to sleep without actually sleeping. This week has officially opened up the hell that this term is turning into. This time I need to work more, go to school more (no more cutting classes!) and even sleep less! I hate sleeping less it makes me cranky and I get easily annoyed by little things.


I forgot to watch the first episode of Simple Life 2 on etc! I can't believe I forgot it, I don't know what came over me and not turn on my television set to channel 20 last thursday night at 9:30pm. I do remember perfectly that I was not studying for my biopsyc and psycho2 quizzes that night and all I was doing was... hahaha I knew it! I was watching *the* live show. I'm pretty sure Jess, Fil and Mara knows about this.

There's still a replay on sunday but I may be preoccupied with other things, I'll just have to arrange my schedule for sunday then. Freak! I just remembered that I'm watching Filipinesca's show tomorrow afternoon now I have less time doing other stuff.


I've pretty much known this wrench (haha!) for about a year or so by now and it's actually her birthday tomorrow, and I'm going to her party tonight! Well, I didn't even notice her when I first saw her and even asked the other people bluntly where she is when she'a already right in front of me. We've spent almost countless nights talking on the phone in the ungodly hours of the day/night. She's been to my house and shared a plate of puto bumbong with cheese with me. We've taken quite a number of mrt rides and this time she did not get lost. She visits me in taft even if she's wearing her uniform and waits for me in mcdonalds taft while I'm in class and she's just there drinking coke and trying to make her plates. I've been christmas shopping with her and her family even if she haven't even met mine. I bought her a cd that she likes even if the was no occasion at all. I accompanied her to buy her season 10 friends DVD and it was one of her 'happy thoughts' of that week. She's a nutcase but still, she's my friend.

I guess you already know who I'm talking about. Sorry if it's some sort of a rip off from Mara's greeting but hey, it has a different content! haha

Happy birthday dude! You rock!


These troublesome twosome graced my college life by being members of the org that I was in. I never imagined that they'll be my friends but life has its twist and turns and we ended up sharing the same interests... and courses. One of them wanted to have my job as AVP membership while the other is my superior (VP Internals). We got along pretty well and I soon found myself hanging out with one or sometimes the both of them during my breaks.

*It's hard to talk about two people at the same time so I'll talk about them one after the other.*

She lent me her sikopil handouts which until now are still with me. We may not be very much close to eachother but hey, she's a pansy too and we're like family you know. (how cheesy of me to say that!) Oi! I just realized that we don't have much memories you know... we better make some soon. hahaha!

Now this girl, or should I say gurl and I have been spending hours together before and after classes in lapis. We do tons of crazy stuff like read other people's LJ in dyad B and laugh at their entries or gossip about them or try to figure out who they are. She and the other pansies have brought out the spur of the moment side of me. Going out, watching movies and having dinner unplanned, on a school night! She provides me with gossip about the id101 batch so I'm always up to date with the happenings of their batch. We spent an entire day together when classes were suspended and even bothered another pansy that same day. My stay in DLSU will be a lot different if she weren't there to share it with me.

To the both of you, may you encounter more neurotic and psychotic people in your life... and please don't try to psychoanalize me. Congratulations! You're finally out of the hell hole they call school!

I'd rather be GREEN than be BLUE
high on school spirit @ 08:03pm 02.10.04

"If i were to live my whole life again, I'd still want to be a lasalista pa rin, bayaran man ako i would still say to you, I'd rather be green than be blue." It's fun singing this song, even if I never knew this before yesterday.

I used to say that my batch in DLSU(id102) is cursed because we lost for 2 straight years in UAAP basketball but this year was the proof that it wasn't us, we just needed to be generous to other schools and let them have the trophy for a while (lol!). Yesterday's victory party was worth the wait, I've never sang our Alma Mater song with so much pride than before and now I'll love singing it over and over again (when watching UAAP, the singing of the alma mater song is my favorite part, win or lose). I had fun with my friends (plus Jess) yesterday while waiting in line for free food (we looked like as if we were in a refugee camp hehe) and ice cream and of course the bonfire was amazing. Now I can totally graduate from DLSU.

I hope we win again next year since I'll still be in school for the UAAP season.


I'm starting to lose interest in school again since my other subjects are so dragging like psycho2 and I'm still hating the schedule of my metres2 class. I already have 2 cuts and it's just the third week of classes!

I need some motivation.

I need to start my book report for litera2, it's due in a month and by the time it's due there will be other requirements that will be given to us so if I start it now and finish it soon I'll have more time for my other requirements.

Our minor project for psycho2 is due in 20 days, we better get our ass moving and finish norming the Brainard Occupational Preference Inventory. I need to review my statistica for this.


I cry easily, i really do. I was watching the season finale of One Tree Hill and I was crying the entire hour.

I hope they replay One Tree Hill because I never got to watch the start and Nathan Scott is cute, I don't know his real name but still. I'm not into Chad much, I think he looks like Joseph Yeo.


I had my PC reformatted this week to be able to play sims 2 then I figured out that what I needed was a new video card. I'll have to hold up my wants on playing it because I don't have time (or money!) to buy a video card.

By the way I'm now using winXp and I'm digging the look of it.


Fernando Alonso of Renult F1 is here in the Philippines... he is in Rockwell right now. I hate it that I didn't know about when he'll be here until about 11am today. I read in the papers about a month ago that he'll be visiting but it did not say when he'll be here and were he'll be meeting fans and now I'm so unprepared, too tamad, and I don't have any companions if I do want to go and see him. But as Josh says, I wouldn't miss it if it was Kimi or Jens. I told him that I already missed Jens before but if he comes back next time I'm there!

Random what nots
excited because it's a weekend @ 09:26pm 24.9.04

Cross posted in my lj account

I had to lock myself in my room again as soon as I got home because my muti and brothers started arguing and shouting at eachother. I didn't want to hear any of it because I'd be so affected and I might have a neurotic episode again.

I really don't know whose side I am now, my eldest brother or my middle brother. I both get annoyed/irritated by them but I still talk to them. They both have a point at times but all these sibling war is just way too much! Why can't they just leave the house already so I can benefit as the only child in this house. I'm the only one left studying anyway. Why don't they go off and get a job and earn some money and spoil me.


I used to have this irritating classmate before, actually she is still my classmate but only in one subject and she doesn't recite much now *thank you*. Well she, actually they... dalawa nga pala sila, speak in English as if they don't know how to speak in Filipino! I find it pisses me off so much because they even use this face acent. Basta nakakairita talaga coz you'd also be irritated at their faces because it doesn't suit them. Classmate P even looks like a druggie, I swear her eyes look as if they'll fall out of her eye sockets and classmate C is so much of a goodie goodie, can you believe she haven't seen Harry Potter because her muti thinks that it's devil worship... my god! If you want to see the movie then sneak behind your parents back and watch it!

Now I have classmates even worse than those two! They're at least 5 in the class and they're a bunch of AB Psyc sophomores. Little Tessa Prieto (that's what I call classmate S because she looks like Tessa) and her friends classmate M, seatmate (I don't know her name) and classmate P are my examples for now. LTP (Little Tessa Prieto) acts as if she knows everything + her face American accent... According to my friend she never was like that back in their old school. Classmate P, came from the same HS as me was again not like that before... Classmate M is just so feeling! She was used as the example for class and the situation was her stalker would use CSI gadgets to trace the places where she went and she goes like OMG! You could just call me! I wanted to throw my heavy book at her! PI ang arte mo! The seatmate was trying so hard to look like a preppy and it pisses me off to see that she just can't pull it off. What's with the gray socks and loafers?!

I felt relived that I only get to spend an hour with them every MWF while my other friends still have another class with them.


I got so obsessed with the Lucky Strike F1 contest and it's just so hard to accept that I didn't even win a consolation prize. I wasn't aiming for the grand prize which was a trip for two to the Shanghai grand prix this weekend... all I wanted was the team cap. tsk tsk


I can't wait to visit greenhills again tomorrow! It's been a while since I last went there and I haven't had the chance to go DVD shopping... and finally tomorrow that is so going to happen!

I still have no idea what I want to buy... I'll just be an impulse buyer tomorrow and buy at least 5 DVDs.

Speaking of videos, I got myself a copy of Centerstage today. I wanted an original DVD but then Tower Records Shang didn't have it so I just settled for an orgiginal VCD... it was just 75 pesos anyway.


I was flipping through this make up book by revlon in NBS and here's what it says about my favorite color.

Purple is sexy, sultry, and sophisticared at the same time as being regal, grand.

This hue has an aura of intrigue and mystery, and the purple-lover is often an enigmatic and highly creative individual. Purple is the color choice of the artist and those interested in spirituality and mysticism. Those who prefer lighter shades, such as lilac or lavender, are true dreamers who can't stand the sight of ugliness in any form. The way things look and seem is extremely important to them. Sentimental learnings also go along with this color, as do romantic emotions.


My personalities professor told us a little something about her husband. She was asking him before why he never went out on those 'guys night out' things and he said "Why would I marry a person whom I don't want to spend most, if not all my time with?". Wow... that is just sweet.

Taken over by Hermione Granger
reading more textbooks than fiction books @ 07:34pm 19.9.04

After only a week of school I already have read so much that I don't even have time to read Five people you meet in Heaven which was suggested by Lulu, come to think of it, I don't even remember if I was able to finish reading Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson... where is my book anyway? I just feel relieved because I have two book reports this term and at least there will be two books to read that are not textbooks... I would just have to write a paper about those two books.


Yesterday I met up with a few H/G shippers (aka some of the pansies) as usual Jess was there then we met Princess who is the co-owner of (thanks for the treat!). Then after lunch Hay arrived and left at about 4pm then Filonicle came before 5pm. We had fun talking about HG stuff plus some other things. We ate in Cuccina for lunch and I would have to say that they serve good food.


Sorry if I'm not making so much sense right now, I'm just pretty dizzy after waking up at 2pm. I try to get as much sleep as I can during sundays because I don't get to sleep as much during weekdays because of school and assignments. Plus it's sort of humid in my room right now which adds up to my state.


I read in Lulu's lj that DLSU won against ADMU in their game this afternoon. Guess there would be more UAAP fever in school in the following weeks. I just hope we could win the championship this year to prove that my batch is not cursed or something. haha!


Happy 24th Birthday to Hermione Granger!

Time to hit the books
all geared up for school @ 11:59am 11.9.04

On monday I'll be going back to school for another term... I'm not quite sure if I want to go back because I'll really miss bumming around and waking up at 10am but then I don't like it when I don't think about academic stuff, I feel like my brain cells are dying or something. Well anyway, I'll be missing my batchmates (ab psm id102) because me and my friends will have to take 2 back subjects this term so we'll be stucked with id103 people. That's only 2 subjects anyway, we still share 3 more with the id102 haha... unless our litera2 classmates are id103 students which is possible since it's the same room of our theories of personality class which is before litera2. Oh well, no big deal.


I couldn't sleep last night because I slept late in the afternoon so I watched some tv while in bed and I can't believe that I watched Simone twice in a day haha! I also saw this movie in Cinemax, Amy's Orgasm. It was funny, sort of sex in the city meets bridget jones type of movie. It's really weird that you get to watch these types of movie in Hallmark or Cinemax instead of HBO or Starmovies, it's hard to get hold of them.

I realized that I liked these kinds of movies, well fine, I know that these are the movies which I would most likely watch because they talk about girl stuff and it's funny at the same time. But of course once in a while I do watch other kinds of movies... I'm atcually thinking of watching Exorcist The Beginning but I'll have to gather up all the courage that I can get to watch this, hey, I'm not fond of horror flicks so bear with me. I just feel like I need to go and see this one, one horror flick won't hurt, right?


I really miss taking up Sikolohiyang Pilipino, I never even thought that I would like this subject but I actually do. I feel that I have learned a lot more about my country and myself by taking this up and now I miss it because I want to learn more.

I remember the lesson on the Katutubong Konsepto and I learned that the concept of being Pikon is something that is uniquely Filipino, now isn't that cool? In another lesson I learned that the Filipinos do not value Justice that much, why? Simply because we do not have a word for it. If you're thinking of the word Katarungan well you're wrong. The word Katarungan came from the root word Tarung which means order so it simply is not the Filipino translation for Justice.


Just out of the blue I want to say that a girl/woman do not need a boyfriend or a lover in order to be happy. All she needs is to love herself and that's it. I get really annoyed when my muti's friends ask me if I already have a boyfriend, of course I would say I don't have one which is the trurh then they go, you should go out more often, I'll introduce you to my nephew, yada yada yada. I wanted to say, Hey... I want to be single you know, I'll meet someone when I do so don't push me around. I'm happy not sharing myself to someone (yes, I'm selfish). Oh and it's not just my muti's friends who I am sort of annoyed with. Also those other people who have 'significant others' who seem to think that just because they have someone they are already all that. Geez, these people have s huge stick up their asses. They's so... senseless, to me that is.

So if you think I am a cold hearted bitch because I'm 20 and still single, well think again. I'm just selfish. I'd rather love myself than let some lame, ugly, loser be with me.

Fangirl mode
can't stop thinking about HIM @ 12:19pm 04.9.04

I honestly don't know what to put in this update so I'm already saying sorry if all you'll be able to read in this entry is about Jens. I just can't get over the dream that I had a few days ago. If you want to know all about that dream check out my lj entry about it.

Speaking of Jens, his Fiancee, Louise Griffiths said in an interview that `I'd hate to become a Formula One wife and just follow Jenson around for the rest of my life,' she says forcefully. `I'd just find that so boring. What would you talk about if you hadn't got anything of your own going on?' Well I'd just with them both good luck on their career!


I'm in the mood to really clean up my room and I had just asked my mum to buy me a couple of those filing thingies (sorry I don't know what they're called) for all my papers, I'll be sorting papers out this afternoon, hopefully. My mum also asked me to sort out my magazines, she asked me to dispose of the others which I don't want to keep because it's taking up way too much space in my room. FYI, I collect Candy, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan plus I have a couple of other magazines. Well, it will be tough for me to dispose of them knowing that I still want all of them but I guess I can let go of my Candy magazines. I'll just save the ones with my friends on it. As for the other magazines... I'll have to really think about it. I just hope I can benefit something from this!


I got my grades already and just as I expected, I didn't make it in the Dean's List. I was about .083 points away. Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway, what matters it that this term is FINALLY OVER! No more metres1!


edited @ 04:48pm 04.9.04

I just finished cleaning my room (not the whole of it yet) and I decided to throw out a lot of things and it felt nice. I also finished arranging all my psychology books and I want to sell all the other books that I have. Good thing that there's this Buy back books thing in DLSU at least I already know that my books are going to be sold. I'm also posting the list of books that I'll be selling here in case you guys would want to buy them first.

Algebra Concepts and Processes by Maxima J. Acelajado, Yolando B. Beronque, & Frumencio F. Co
Anthropology 10th ed by Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember, & Peter N. Peregrine
Biology Concepts & Connections 3rd ed by Neil A. Campbell, Laurence G. Mitchell, & Jane B. Reece
Botany 2nd ed by Randy Moore, W.Dennis Clark, & Darrell S. Vodopich
Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates 9th ed by George C. Karr & Robert K. Carr
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy by Libbie Henrietta Hyman
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Atlas by Christine R. Chanco & Melchor A. Buelo
Kaloob Interweavings on the Christian Story by Erlinda Bragado & Arnold Monera
Principles of Economics 6th ed by Karl E. Case & Rsy C. Fair

Tomorrow or on monday I'll be clearing out the drawers and I'll be throwing away more stuff.


Oh... Happy Birthday Gary!


edited @ 01:19am 05.9.04

My new baby is just so cute!!!

metres1 = instant headache
almost enjoying the term break @ 01:06pm 29.8.04

The only thing left for me to do to officially end this term is to finish this group research paper for metres1, but it can't be possible unless I have the data right? The due day is tomorrow... the data is supposed to be in my inbox on or before 11:59pm August 28, 2004 and what date and time is it now? It's 1:09am August 29, 2004. So are my groupmates expecting me to work some magic and come up with this brilliant paper? If our paper ends up like crap, not my fault. I clearly told them that I will be finishing the paper by 6pm August 29, 2004 because beyond that date and time, my mind is racing with f1 drivers, I won't be able to think properly. Good luck to their grades then coz I won't mind failing.


This week was almost an entire waste of time and effort, I've never felt a that it is possible to spend a week filled with school crap. Did you know that I went to school the entire week just to (1) do some metres1 research paper related stuff which was like a big joke, (2) have a metres1 consultation with my prof but insted she told me to ask dumb and dumber to teach me the stuff she was stupposed to teach me, (3)take an exam even it school was suspended and there's a big chance that the DO can kick us out of the classroom for not following the instuctions of the administration (4) find out that classes were suspended, (5) take a final exam while the professor is absent and my seatmate copying off the entire exam from me (she even asked why my graph was different from her... coz i'm not stupid to let her copy the RIGHT answers to the practical test. I reanswered the part while she was copying off me, my true answers were done before she started copying). Nice school week.


When I thought things are happening pretty well in this house things just go beserk. I'm really having this love-hate relationship with my mum. Yesterday I went out with my friends and she sent me an SMS saying that I should meet her in MNG shang as soon as I finish. Knowing me, I won't hurry myself up until i was in the MRT and I ended up being an hour late to meet her (told her I'd arrive at 6pm but I arrived at 7pm). I asked her why did she ask me to come early when she still had a reception to go to and that I wasn't planning to go there that's why I had my own plans for the day. She said because I was to go with her there. Ok, stop and rewind... I never remembered her asking me to go with her in that reception. We never even had a decent conversation the entire week! Plus why do I have to go with her when she's shopping for gifts for other people, do I even care about those other people? She had days to shop, she could even call to the shops and ask them to just bring the stuff to her but she just had to shop at the last minute and it's my fault that she's late to the reception. PLEASE! Can someone tell her to stop making everything my fault!

UGH! I'm just so pissed off at her right now. It's not even funny anymore.


I wish to write more stuff but my head is killing me. I can't stop thinking about the stupid metres1 paper. I better go and rest myself coz I'll be facing more stuff later. Plus Jess and I will be doing the 2nd issue of Blog on the Grill for the Pansies Burn Book later.

have a break, have a kitkat
taking in the fun of the last day @ 11:27am 21.8.04

After finals week, I'm off to lala land. There will be endless nights online and waking up at one in the afternoon. I can't wait to clean up my school files and throw away all paper trash from this term. 5 more days!


I'm watching dogworld and now I'm wanting a pet dog. I miss my aga. It's been years since he passed away, I'm feeling really sad now that I come home and have no pet to play with or no one to tuck in at night. I WANT A PUPPY!


Just thinking about the 50% of requirements for metres1 that I haven't done yet made me realize that psychology students DO NEED a laptop. I really really need one now. Just for 2-4 days so my group and I can do our research paper.

I want one which is not too heavy and not too big but is already equipted with all the stuff that I need/want... like a cdrw/dvd(dvdrw), big hard drive, modem, tons of fonts, the latest or a decent version of ms office, an lj client, acdsee, photoshop, power dvd, nero, and activesync. There are still more stuff that I want I just don't know them now. haha!


My mum and I went to see A Cinderella Story last night and I still don't like Hillary Duff but Chad Michael Murray is hot cute. He has eyes like Joseph Yeo... just my observation. Oh and the substitute quarterback, number 23, sort of looked like MM... sort of. It was a typical cinderella-ish movie, not much interesting twists and turns. I just found the Princeton thing quite funny. Oh yah... did you see Chad kiss?! It was nice. Lucky Hillary.


I've been talking to my mum about my possible graduation gift (haha even if it's still a year away!). I'm thinking of a trip to the US to visit relatives and friends in NY(!!!), Texas, Cali, Florida... but then I also want a laptop. So we were thinking what's cheaper among the 2.

We still have a whole year to think about it.


I can't wait to see Princess Diaries the Royal Engagement! It's just disappointing that Michael Moscovitz is not there anymore.

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