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..::REFLECTions ON everyday LIFE::..
1/28/2001-woo-hoo! chinese new year! oh yeah! red envelopes! how much better can it get!? SWEET *drool* man, this is like day of the year where i earn more money than working itself and the best thing is you dont have to pay taxes for it either!!! dang, the only bad part about it is you older you get the less cuter you are, and the less cuter you are, the less money you get. thank god for horney asians and its rising population! at least you got more relatives than normal to go kiss butt to and get more money! $$MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!
name: sharon thi tran
age: eighteen
location: san jose, california
height: 5`0"


dancing, raving, shopping, eating, camping, web design, cooking (for my future husband), and of course, kicking butt @ everything i do.

food on a stick, boogers, annoying people, green bananas, anything that isnt cute.


1.)FOOD ON A STICK: i hate it when you`re eating something yummy, and it falls off of the stick. EXAMPLE: ice cream and ka-bobs. 2.) BOOGERS: you know damned why boogers are on this list.
3.)ANNOYING PEOPLE: if you know them, you just can`t stand them.
4.)GREEN BANANAS: they just don`t taste right....
5.)NON-CUTE THINGS: if it`s not cute, it better be good looking at least.