Amy's Groovy Homepage

"Bubbles, bubbles everywhere; but not a drop to drink"

Hi. Well you've come this far, so I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

My name is Amy. But you gathered that didn't you. (You're observant I must say) Anyway. My homepage is a bit of a look into my life, my loves and what makes me tick.

This front page serves mainly as a starting point, all of my "sub-pages" are listed here, so feel free to wander around them as you like. You may find that you stumble across a few of my pets. Don't worry, they don't bite. They actually like the company.

Anyway, without further babbling...

on with the links!!!




My Softball, My Life

The Hurricanes, my team

Turn on, tune out

The Stars of my life!!!

Video killed the radio star

All About Me!



Amy: Merry Christmas Chicky!!!

Here's to a really fabbo new year! Love la Lots,Bec xxx