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Sorry guys, they killed almost all my links… Well, I don’t give up – in fact it’s much more fun now looking for a solution to place all my Progs!

Just come back in April again!

Till April, I try hard to find reliable web-space… …and as you know… …we should work together, to get what we want! …So, if you have any suggestion and good ideas to get some “good”, reliable web-space, please email me at:

Viva La Revolution!

Norton Anti Virus 2000


File # 1:

File # 2:

File # 3:

File # 4:

File # 5:

File # 6:

McAfee Anti Virus 4.03


File # 1:

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S/N: VS-4118460-575529295

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Conseal Firewall


ConSeal PC FIREWALL get the “problem” at the “front-door”. It runs silently in the sys-tray as you work.  It blocks unwanted network traffic, in and out, while allowing only authorized data.  A set of rules tell the firewall what data to allow and what to block.  You can have a single ruleset for all network devices on your system, or you can create a separate rules for each one.



With IP-Toolbar you can check the IP-Address  Conseal Firewall ask you to Allow or to Block. Coseal need this information to build an ruling-data-base. Check it with IP-Toolbar – if it’s your own ISP or your News-Reader who want to have access to your computer – Allow it. If it’s any unknown IP – block it.



Winwasher cleans up: Cache, Cookies, History, Mail Trash, Drop Down Address Bar, Auto Complete Data forms, Downloaded Program - nobody can see what documents you have used, which pictures you have viewed, which web sites you have visited, and various other activities you have been performed. Also, the tracks that are left behind can take up large quantities of valuable hard drive space. Recovering this space is very beneficial by improving the overall speed and performance of a computer.



MasterSplitter(TM) is a winning award software and is to split large files in order to move them via floppies or for transmission via E-mail. MasterSplitter(TM) is an ultra-fast 32 bit file splitter. The file can either be a binary or a text file. The program features an intuitive graphical user interface that makes splitting files easy.

The Cleaner

User Name: Reinis Warez

The Cleaner sits in your task bar and monitor your files... and will instantly tell you if a trojan is active... you can then opt to destroy or rename the file. It will scan the drives of your choice or you can have it look at a single file. It will also look into compressed files for you! Updates are automatic... just sign onto the net, open The Cleaner and hit the "Update" button.

Reg. Code: 30B8-739C-10D8-B89B

Reini’s Games:

Cracks, Patches or s/n inside the Zip-File

Adult Pocker (1.7MB)  10US$


Solsuite 2000 (1.7MB)  20US$

SolSuite 2000 for Windows 95/98/NT is a high-quality collection of 210 Solitaire Games with an excellent interface providing good graphics and animation. All your favorite solitaire games are implemented: Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Busy Aces, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Carpet, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir, Monte Carlo, Spider... and original solitaires that you cannot find elsewhere.

Each Solitaire has more than nine trillion possible games to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play.

SolSuite 2000 Solitaires feature a lot of options such as: the possibility of changing the backgrounds by using .bmp customized image files; a unique built-in game editor that lets you change the rules of any game; a vertical ScrollBar; games Fast Search; true-play cards; fast game play (play time, difficulty level, chances of winning and a lot of other information about each game); unlimited levels of the undo/redo feature; the ability to save, load and restart games; tip-of-the-day function; high-quality on-line help... You can select a game number, customize cards, decks, backgrounds and the toolbar; select your favorite games; define card speed; associate sound effects... publish your "Overall Score" on the Internet and compare it with all SolSuite players around the

Win Chip Poker (5.2MB):   25US$

File # 1:

File # 2:


 This Game is Playing with 52 Cards, or 53 Cards With Wild, and you have, to Make Combinations, 1 First 5 CardsDrawing , then Another Second Drawing.

If after Second Drawing, you have a Winning Combination, You Win Attribute Points multiply by your Bet. Add thePossibility to Attempt to Double your Points if Option Double est Activate

21 Run Card Game (1.9MB): 20US$

A fun suite of eight exciting card games - each designed to provide you with hours of entertainment and fun! Featuring Eleven Up, Run 21, Take Two, Tri-Towers, Zip 21, Poker Scramble, Triple Flip and Word Scramble.

3D Roulette (1.5MB): 20US$

Place your bets, spin the wheel and see if lady luck is with you tonight! A realistic roulette game, with actual odds and complete accuracy. Brilliant 3D rendered graphics and smooth animation make this latest casino title a real winner.

Halloween Slots (1.2MB):  20US$

Halloween Slots is a one payline slot machine game. Up to three coins can be bet on each spin. Winnings are based on the symbols on the payline and the number of coins being bet. There are also several bonus features which make Halloween Slots very fun and also adds an element of skill to the game. The game will detect the number of colors available and will use either True Color (24-bit) graphics or 256 color (8-bit) graphics depending on your graphics card's capabilities. The game will also adjust to your current resolution and will take up the full screen.

Spinnball (1.1MB):   15US$

You've probably played pinball. You've probably played pong. But nothing can prepare you for Spinball!

Your objective: Destroy all the blocks in the center of the screen, by causing the Spinball to collide with them. You must keep the ball from touching any of the four sides of the screen, by blocking each one with its respective paddle.

3D Bloobs (2.0MB):   25US$

An addictive and challenging puzzle game! Clear the screen of advancing pieces with your keyboard sharp shooting. A classic arcade game from years ago, brought to your PC.

Geetris (1.1MB):   15US$

This exciting action puzzle game adds a new challenging twist to the addictive Tetris (TM) game.
Cool graphics, sound and music, and up to 4 simultaneous players.
Features smooth animation, high score list, demo and replay, and an option to use mouse control.
It's tons of fun!

The object of the game is to place a special bobble type brick at a colored area, so a fill between two bobbles can be made. This will transfer the cells involved to the opponents playfield, introducing an element of combat into the game. Also a full line will disappear as in the known Tetris game.

Ultimate Solitair (0.5MB):   25US$

A bundle of nine different solitaire card games, including varieties you may never have heard of - Klondike, Canfield, Golf, Poker, Beleaguered Castle, Four Seasons, Pyramid, King's Audience and Monte Carlo Solitaire

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