NeonLightning's basic Guide for #unobot on Dalnet(or whatever server i'm running it on today)

OK flat out this is just a basic guide on how to play really i can't help with glitches because i don't know tcl wich is what this is programed in and i can't remember the name of the dude that made it

ok onto the guide
the goal of uno is to have no cards at the end of the game and to have your opponants have the highest total of cards at the end
to do so you will start with one card down (lets say its a blue 8) then the first player must play eather a blue card of any number or a 8 card of any color
now if that was a blue draw two you will have to play a blue or a draw two of any color
try and use your highest number cards first so that if you loose your opponant doesn't get as many points(dildos)

to start the game type !uno
then to join the game you need to type "join" without quotes

then you will be given a list of what cards you have  for this lets say they are
Red draw 2, green reverse, blue draw 4, yellow skip, wild , wild draw four, and yellow 8

to play your normal numbered color cards its simply
for our yellow 8
pl y8

ok draw cards  mean that  the next person in line will pick up how many cards it says and have thier turn skipped
to play our red draw 2 or our blue draw 4
pl rd2 will play the red draw 2
pl bd4 will play that blue draw 4

now onto reverse cards they do what they say they make the game go in reverse order
*note when there are only two people it is treated like a skip card*
to play our green reverse
pl gr

ok now to skip cards skip cards do what you'ed think they'ed do  they skip the next person and if there is only two people its your turn again
to play our yellow skip card
pl ys

ok now to wild and wild draw cards a wild card means that it can change the color in play and will nullify any number that was there and can be played on any color
lets say we have the a blue 8 in play and we only have a wild and a bunch of yellow cards and want to use our wild draw 2
we would play our card then choose color
pl wd2
then it will ask you what color
then we wanted yellow right so
co y
and then the next person picks up 2 cards and the card in play is changed to yellow without a number


anything else i can think about i might add if i get around to it or even remember i have this page a week from now