Audrey's Hall of Music Weirdness :
For the Music Lover and The Music Freak Alike!!!
Save the musicians!!
Hi, I'm full of crap .
A few things before you look through my site:

First, before you ask, no, I do not smoke crack. I'm just naturally this insane, God help us all.

Second, If music people offend you, do not, I repeat, DO NOT proceed any farther unless you wish to be highly irritated and annoyed in the utmost.

Third,  If you don't understand all the weirdness here, don't worry. You probably aren't the only one. In fact, most things I try to communicate with people are not understood. Go figure.....

Fourth,  If you don't have a sense of humor, go to the grocery store and buy one and then come back and look at my website or you will be fatally bored.

NOW then,

It's time to begin the journey down the the great hall of insantiy and musical genius....Ready?
This is me
Music Terms
Reading Music
Music History
Music Humor (no viola jokes here!)
How to know if you are a music dork
Come listen to my two awesome radio stations. The top button will take you to Audreysbrain, a station playing every type of genre of music available. The bottom button is for Agamez, a station specializing in what I hear the most of here at the University of North Texas, which is clasical and jazz.
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