The Princess Sleeps


The Princess Sleeps

There once was a child of heartache, her name was Diana.
She walked alone for most of her short time here, with only her children by her side,
one was sunny haired, like she, the other with hair of flame.

These children were the light in her life, her heart.
This heart, so great it grew to embrace every child, in every corner, everywhere in the world.
Children who were ill, children who like her had pain and children who were happy and well.

Anyone who met this Princess, knew they were meeting pure heart, as this lady once said,
“I wear my heart on my sleeve”.

Late in the summer one year ago,
the Lady was in a tunnel that stole the lights from
Paris the City of Lights.

And since that day, and for all time,
The Lady Diana, The Princess Sleeps.


The Pipes Play for the Queen of our Hearts today,

this morning in a tunnel in the City of Lights,

our Princess lost her life.

As the world awoke this day August 31, 1997 reports concerning

the loss of this shinning Lady surrounded the world.

The Princess of Wales enveloped everyone she touched with the brightness of her being,

but today when she should have had a very long life ahead of her, the Lady's

children were wakened with the news every child in the world never wants to hear,

darlings your Mother is gone.

The world will miss and mourn the passing of this stunning light forever!

This page is dedicated to the Queen of our Hearts the beautiful

Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer

With most humble respect, admiration and the love

I have for this most compassionate and beautiful Lady.




I give you my love and admiration on this day,

a day my heart breaks for your children and children the world over.

I love you and I will miss your shining face.


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