MoonRoot was concieved in the year mcmlxcvii to produce sounds of an avant-garde nature... combining influences from atmospheric metal, medieval music, and 70ís progressive rock. To the present date, MoonRoot have recorded one four song opus, "Proclaim the Dawn," which is to be released on cassette format by an as of yet undetermined label. Since the creation of "Proclaim the Dawn," MoonRoot have aquired interest by Italy's progressive metal label Black Widow Records. Currently, MoonRoot is negotiating an LP/CD contract with Black Widow for a release in 1998. In the meantime, MoonRoot shall also be contributing tracks to the Defender Recordís Manowar Tribute CD & Graveside Entertainmentís Goblin Tribute CD.

Following the recording of "Proclaim the Dawn," Mark and Mike Riddick
(of ...the Soil Bleeds Black)gathered the interest of Absu's Proscriptor McGovern for percussive assistance. This was an ideal combination, as both Proscriptor and the Riddick Clan hold a strict interest in 70's progressive and folk-phantasy metal, furthermore both are label mates together on
Sweden's Cruel Moon International.

MoonRoot are presently in search of a female vocalist for their debut album. Any interested parties may contact the band directly (via email). A background in progressive rock-metal and an interest in medievalism is recommended. Furthermore any additional musical talents are much admired.

moonroot - mike moonroot - proscriptor moonroot - mark
M o o n R o o t
mike riddick, guitars, synthesizer, and voice
proscriptor, percussives, synthesizer, and voice
mark riddick, bass, synthesizer, and voice

c o n t a c t

riddick brothers
proscriptor regiment

16124 Genova
Via del Campo 6R
phone/fax: 010.2461708