The Crazy Oboist's Looney Bin

Did you know that all oboists are half-crazy, according to the clarinets in my old community orchestra? Except for me, of course...I am completely crazy!

Updated! You won't believe it, but after yet ANOTHER year, I have finally updated this page again. I am now a senior at The Ohio State University, studying music education and music performance. I play oboe and English Horn in the OSU Symphony Orchestra, various chamber ensembles and I'm also currently trying out for THE BEST DAMNED BAND IN THE LAND on the cymbals. This update only consists of updated personal information, and the removal of anything embarrassing, such as my old pictures, so that people inthe School of Music (ahem..Tom) won't find them.

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bulletSullivan Crane Duo
Adam Crane's (the best conductor ever!) new website. He's now in a duo with a classical guitarist. Their stuff sounds really cool, so check it out!
bulletMy Maestro Will Go On
A parody of the Titanic song that I came up with during a rehearshal where we ended up playing Liberty Bell March for an hour and a half, and Adam said "I will go on this time, I promise!" Well, that got the idea stuck in my head, so here it is. It's all your fault Adam!
bullet My Oboe Shrine
Useful stuff like fingering and trill charts
bullet Emily's Musical Terms for Blondes
A collection of musical terms with humorous definitions!
bullet Ear Test Online
Ear Test Online is a program that helps you hone your relative pitch. I've found it extremely useful.