*Tomaranai mirai wo mezashite Yuzurenai negai wo dakishimete Walking towards the unstoppable future Enbracing the wish that I can't give away Umi no iro akaku somatte-yuku Mujuuryokujoutai Kono mama kaze ni sarawaretai The color of the ocean is painted red We're now in freefall I want to be taken by the wind just the way it is Itsumo tobenai HAADORU wo Makenai kimochi de KURIA shitekita kedo With the feeling that I can't lose I cleared the hurdle I could never jump over, but... Dashikirenai jitsuryoku wa...dare no sei? Using our true power together... but who's? Repeat * Iro asenai kokoro no chizu...hikaru ni kazaso! The colors on the map of the heart won't fade...shine the light over your head!

Shidou Hikaru

A kind, honest and simple girl. She might be short but she has amazing jumping power. She has been learning kendo since she was really small. She uses flame magic. Her name means "Light of the lion shrine". The shortest of the three Magic Knights. She has red hair which she puts back in a long pony tail and red eyes. Her school uniform consists of a black skirt, a red jacket, a big white bow in front, red socks and black shoes. Energetic and almost always happy. Of the three of them, she gets along best with Mokona. Naive, she is often mistaken for a younger girl ("We thought you were eleven!").


Umi Ryuzaki

On the surface a kind of selfish and very outspoken girl. Inside she is very considerate of her friends. She is skilled with a rapier. She uses water magic. Her name means "Sea of the dragon-blossom". The tallest of the three Magic Knights. Umi has long light blue hair and blue eyes. Her school uniform consists of a blue skirt over black tights (which she thankfully loses when she gets her armor) and a blue jacket with an orange tie. She also has blue boots. She's short-tempered and she over reacts to anything strange or unpleasent. She has trouble dealing ("This lake is too weird! From now on you're known as the 'Weird Lake Eteruna'!!"). She constantly fights with Mokona (as much as you can fight with someone who has a one word vocabulary). She is also somewhat clueless when it comes to men.


Fu Houoji

She is always smiling on the outside. On the inside she's a decent strategist. Her manner of speaking can be somewhat blunt. She uses wind magic. Her name means "Wind of the phoenix-temple". Fu has shoulder length, light brown hair and green eyes. She has glasses. Her school uniform is green skirt, green jacket, red tie/small bow-kinda-thing and brown shoes. She has an occasionaly morbid sense of humor ("Don't worry. ou'll go unconscious before you hit the ground and when you wake up you'll have one of these (halo)." All this with a large grin.). She has a tendency to state the obvious "That must be a monster.") and she addresses everyone with unfailing politeness (including her enemies and even Mokona ("Mokona-san"). She has a very smart and logical mind. She has a kind nature. She almost never gets mad. Currently being swept off her feet by Ferio (lucky girl : )



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