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I've finally done some more stuff. Here you go. I'll put the old stuff up as well when I feel like it.
Quinpool RoadOk...something good may hvae come from 'No More Physics'. I kept part of the chord progression and booted everything else. I think this one came out pretty good. Also, I've started naming songs after places. It's much easier than trying to think of stuff. Quinpool Road is in Halifax Nova Scotia.2005
No More PhysicsQuite possibly my lamest creation ever. I finished a degree in Engineering Physics at Queen's University and was 'inspired' to write this masterpiece during exams. Fun to put together though...and come on, who doesn't like techno raps about physics?2005
Beat It new age remixI made a new age arrangement of Michael Jackson's song 'beat it'2002
Vanillaa 'different' arrangement which turned out pretty good. Inspired by radiohead I guess. Not quite finished but pretty near2002
Unilevernamed after a deoderant company (I couldn't be bothered to think about a name). Sort of different. I wrote the chorus about 5 years ago2003

These mp3's have a lower sound quality so that I could fit them on the server
Song 3electronic piece - if I were to re-write it, I would take out that part in the middle with the strings. I think the ending is kinda cool1999 maybe?
Uwater12I'm not sure how much I like this one. It's ok I guess. Similar arrangement to Universe2000
Thrice the LadySmall Band - guitars, organ, drums, sounds good, especially for an awe642000
The Gateway to EdanOrchestral - cheesy name, I won some internet midi contest with this one. It's pretty hard to make orchestral music sound good on an awe641998
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