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Chisholm High School Band - - - - - Shake the Pillars!

This page is about the Chisholm High School Band in Chisholm, Minnesota.
The band is composed of students in grades 9-12.  At least 25% of the student body is involved with the band each year.
We proudly support our Bluestreaks!

A Little Explanation


Chisholm is a small school, with an enrollment of about 360 students in 9-12, therefore, the band is not always high on the priority list for funding.  We make most of our funding by selling tickets to our two band concerts each year.  The proceeds from them usually cover the band budget for the next year.

Because our school is small, we have no uniforms, band trip, boosters, or official marching band.

The band is basically one unit that has only one offshoot, the Jazz Band.
When we play for games, we are the Pep Band.
We are happy the way we are.  We practice Pep Band until Fall Homecoming.  Then we begin Concert Band.

The CHS band is well known in the area for it's excellence in competition.  The concert band always makes the region music contest and usually recieves a 38 or higher from all three judges.  The highest point total is 40.  Several times in recent years we have recieved 40+'s from each judge.

 We have one conductor for our bands, Mr. Gerald Snyder

Mr. Snyder is in his last year as conductor of the CHS bands!  Next year at this time he will be golfing in Arizona!  We will miss him!


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Starting Point

To learn more about each band follow these links:

Concert Band

Contains information on the concert band, a list of this year's songs, and a partial list of past songs in recent years.


Jazz Band

Contains information on the CHS Jazz band, a list of this year's songs, past songs, and this year's roster.


Pep Band

Contains information on the Pep Band, a list of pep band songs, midi files of some of the songs,  and the Pep Band schedule.



Pictures of the band.

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Last Updated on Feb. 18th, 1999

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