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Hi, this is Kent Piper for Music Alliance serving the Toronto and Barrie areas. We teach Piano, Guitar and Violin as well as tune pianos and sell reconditioned pianos.

Piano, Guitar or Violin lessons are $95.00/month for a once-a-week, half hour private lesson. The standard of evaluation as to level, is the Royal Conservatory of Music Piano/Guitar/Violin grade, however, individual pursuits are encouraged.

Piano tuning and minor repair {listed as Alliance Piano Service in the Toronto and Barrie yellow pages} is $95.00, taxes included.

Reconditioned Pianos {as advertised in the Toronto Star, Barrie Advance and on ebay.ca} are $850.00 and up, and include delivery and tuning.

Visa, cash and email money transfers are accepted for most of the above.

Music Alliance has been in existence since 1984, beginning in the greater Toronto area and expanding to the Barrie area in 1999. Many of our students acheive grade 8 in Piano or grade 6 Guitar and grade 2 Theory, thereby obtaining a credit for high school grade 12. Some have gone further getting up to the grade 10 and ARCT levels. One former student is an elementary teacher in a Bolivian mission and three are high school teachers.

Extra-curricular activities, such as music study, help to develop and focus the spiritual and creative abilities we all have, and can enhance not only our lives, but also those with whom we come in contact.

Studio and mailing address is...

Music Alliance, 185 Hurst Drive, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4N 8P6

In Barrie, telephone or fax to {705} 730-6921.

In Toronto, page {416} 618-2781.

Kent Piper ARCT, BFA, MA President

1997 musicum@on.aibn.com

musicum (latin) - taken from "Syntagma Musicum" (collection of music items) by Michael Praetorius - 1618 - the first major attempt to illustrate and classify European instruments.

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