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n the beginning

This distinguished gentleman is John Oliver Millar.
He passed away on 17/09/1999
This attractive woman is Jean Lynch. She passed away in October 2003.

They were married on the 30th December, 1950.

Now, before you get any ideas, this picture was taken on the 19th June, 1954 after the christening of that little bundle in Jean Millar's arms.

How can I be so sure??? Well,

  • They never lied to me.
  • The date is on the back of the original photo.
  • I am that little bundle of joy.
  • And I was born on the 9th March, 1954...
  • and so says my birth certificate.
  • And the letter I received from the minister who christened me.
And the picture to the right and above features yours truly with his faithful "hound" Skipper, taken in 1970.

Yes I am the boy, not the dog... good grief.

Anyway, welcome to my place. I intend that this place be different to the old Snaggle's Den, although parts of it will be reproduced here, and added to and deleted as well. To this end, the evolution of these pages will be slow... not snail mail slow, but not cyber fast either *grin* Call back on a semi regular basis and see what has been added/deducted.


Date work commenced: 3rd April, 1998 Date Work Finalised: whenever.

And in case you were wondering, the music you "should" be hearing is from Aaron Copland's "Rodeo".. the Hoedown, I believe.

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