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My favorite hobby is Gardening and I am a Master Gardener. Flowers bloom in my yard all year long. Primroses and tulips, irises and rhododendons. Fragrant roses and clematis and several varieties of poppies pop up everywhere. Sweet alyssum fills the air and everywhere calendulas bloom from spring to late fall.

A lilroseA lilroseA lilroseA nyroseA nyroserA nyroseA lilroseA lilroseA lilrose

I start off the day by solving NY Times crossword puzzle and then Riddle du Jour. Here's the trophy I won! To join the fun at Riddle du Jour just Click Here

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Opera is my favorite music -- Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Leoncavallo, Mozart -- and more.

Here's the tenor whose voice I love above all others! A Pavarotti How about that smile!

La Divina, my favorite soprano.A Callas

A orchestra

Bridge is another of my hobbies. To see my all time favorite bridge hand select here.

If you, too, have a favorite hand, just click "A Tough Hand" to email it to me.

Click here to see the rudest birthday card my son-in-law ever sent me. Well one of the rudest . . .

How are your bones? Did you know that one out of every two women has osteoporosis? Are you sure your bones are safe? Go here for more information.

Select this to see my photo album.

And for all us cat lovers, here's my darling ChaCha.
She's a 24-karat sweety!

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