In the dark, the shadows wait, the winds of war rise beneath the bloody hands of the living, and nothing can save us. Only nothing, ever nothing...nothing and nothing alone. -Isawa Norikazu

They say we are responsible for the disappearace of Toturi. They have banished us from the land that we, and only we, could protect for a thousand years. And they have taken our children, and dispersed them among the other clans. These are indeed desperate times for the Scorpion Clan, or what remains of it here in Rokugan, a loose conglomeration of lone operatives.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

This used to be a simple information house, with a history of our Clan, with little amusing lies to keep the curious entertained. Now, the purpose changes. When Rokugani turn against us and cast us out, we again fall into the shadows. This time, however, the shadows call out for us, and embrace us. For they will be the weapons with which a new Rokugan -- OUR ROKUGAN -- shall be forged.
Welcome to the Shadow(lands) Stronghold of the Bayushi, a webpage devoted to the Legend of the Five Rings collectable card game. The L5R CCG is a game set in a feudal Japanese setting, with honorable samurai, mystical shugenja, evil Shadowlands creatures, mysterious ninja, and many other things. For more on the Legend of the Five Rings game, visit this newcomer's FAQ by Zen Faulkes, on Jeff Alexander's page.

A somewhat unique characteristic of L5R is the choice of "clans," different factions vying for power. Each Clan has it's own advantages and disadvantages. As you may know, this page is dedicated to the Scorpion Clan, the best Clan there will ever be.

But enough, gentle reader. You have not come to seek what is explained elsewhere. You have not doubt come for our secrets. We shall share what little you deserve to know...

Scorpion Clan History - A history of the glorious Scorpion Clan as told by this humble historian.

Tales from the Drunken Scorpion! - A (currently) small collection of fan fiction.

Bayushi's Lies, the classic treatise on deception, as translated and put into context of L5R.

Shosuro Taberu's Tournament Tips, a small collection of advice from our Clan on how to win tournaments.

Conspiracy Theories by Bayushi Aramoro, Scorpion Clan Samurai

Letters to the Clans from me, Yogo Shiriko.(NEW! Only Dragon, Scorpion, Crane, and Crab so far..)

Scorpion Fact of the Whenever I Feel Like Changing It - In the roleplaying game Shadowrun, the Harley Scorpion motorcycle has a top speed of 100 MPH.

Since there isn't much here yet, here are some links to places with more stuff.
The Scorpion's Lair

Jeff Alexander's Page. Includes official FAQ and useful things.

Puck's #L5R page. Useful information!

The Shadowlands Refuge of the Lion Clan.

More to come! Promise!

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