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Hello, and welcome to my page. Yes, it's under construction, and in a state of being finished--I have been making improvements to where I best see fit, and in my spare time.

I am a 15 year-old male who enjoys computers, adventure, and classical music. I am presntly attend Harrison, School of the Arts in Lakeland, Florida. I play the cello, and have been in All-County for two years, performed at Disney twice, and have played in All-State. In All-County, I have made 2nd chair in seventh grade, and 4th in eigth (it was disappointing that I went back two chairs)! In All-State, though, I made 7th chair last year (8th grade). This year in Harrison, I am 5th chair out of 12.

If you would like to visit a wonderful page on Russian Palaces, and is one of the best pages on the web that I have seen, then click here.
This is in my humble opinion!

Just recently, I found another wonderful Palace on the Web, named Schönbrunn. Located in Austria, it is very similar to the Russian Palaces by its interior design of Rococo style, and flamboyant architecture, used to show off the wealth and power the absolute monarch held.

I would like to dedicate my page to Norman Foster,who recently just won the 1999 Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Here is a list of my family's links:

"The Bible Prof"
, my father
"Charlietech", my cousin

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