Welcome to Suz's World!
Hi! Welcome to my new and improving web page . . . congratulations,
you've made it to the inner workings of my mind. ;)

DISCLAIMER: In some areas I've gotten ahead of myself and you may encounter a few broken links. I'm working to remedy the situation, so don't worry, I'm aware of it. I hope you can see all the nifty fonts I picked out - I'm going to try to link them up somehow. . . I'm just a novice at creating and maintaining a web page, so if you have any comments/suggestions/criticism/etc, please sign the guestbook or email me. Thanks! I hope you enjoy this. . . my purpose in creating this web page is to share poetry with friends (and share theirs if they want) and to post links because sometimes it's really hard to find what you're looking for, and I think I've found some neato pages. The rest is that same self-gratifying stuff you see on all personal web pages, but I hope you get a kick out of it.

Here is some spiffy poetry. :) Please send me yours.

Here are some spiffy pictures. This is constantly under construction, check for updates! ;) Also, if you have a cool pic of yourself that you'd like up, please let me know. There are NEW pictures up!

I'm hoping to put up a professional page at some point, inluding my philosophy of music education and a resume. The resume's up now, but the page will be here... when I create it. :)

Here are pictures of my beadwork and a few bead links. And another disclaimer: I do my best to label all bead projects which are not of my own devising and to identify the designer. Whenever that is not indicated, it's something that I designed. But I'll probably be too proud of it to let that go unmentioned. :) I should just quit with the disclaimers.

Here are some word puzzles. I'm working on getting a holiday puzzle put up, even though it would be out of date now. :)

Here's me talking about myself. What should I put here? Anybody got some good ideas? I think I might fill this page with the results of those personality tests. . . then you can figure out who I am by knowing which Pokemon character I'm most like! ;) . . . This is being updated as I find more of those weird tests.

Here are some spiffy links.

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