The following Classical Pieces are from the Romantic Period and are performed
here by John Montes using his German Rubio Estudio model Classical guitar.
The performances were recorded in a single take using Cakewalk software
and a standard computer mic. There were no  retakes or overdubs.

Both MP3 and RealAudio streams are offered below but, to get good sound
quality  you must download the MP3s. The RAs will stream  instantly  but,
the sound quality isn't good.

If the MP3s below do not download correctly because of the server being busy
click the banner below to go to John's page at webriffs and try listening to the
MP3s from there.

Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega
(Performed by John Montes)

Leyenda by Isaac Albeniz
(Performed by John Montes)

Study in G Major by Fernando Sor
(Performed by John Montes)

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